Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | Intro Page

Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | Intro Page

Hi everyone and welcome to a blog series created by our design team and designed to inspire you for Light The Path! This is our creative workshop that will help you document a year of healing. You can learn more about this dynamic project here: Light The Path. Today we have Ashley, who will be sharing her Light The Path Introduction page from her project. You can see more of her stunning work on her blog: Your Girl For All Seasonings.

Hey friends! It is Ashley Armstrong Krueger and today I am sharing the opening page for my Light The Path album. You can read more about me and find my social media links on the Light the Path Design Team post.

For this page, the quote “The path to healing is the path to self love” was a huge inspiration. Hearing Theresa say it in a past video really sparked something inside of me. It also resonated with the work I have been doing on my healing journey. Some of that work is learning to lean into, and ultimately love, who I am now versus who I was before the incident that led to my PTSD. As I progress through that work, I feel like I am finally finding footing after treading water for so long. That is what I have represented here. 

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger Intro Page

The bonus artwork from the February 2020 digital kit felt like a perfect match to this quote and what I have been feeling. Instead of adding it straight to the page, I used a technique inspired by one of my kids’ online art classes. First, I printed the illustration onto plain printer paper. On the backside, I traced the outline with black pastel for the body and green pastel for the foliage. Then I positioned the printed image on my page, and traced with a ball point pen to transfer the image. Once the illustration was transferred to my page, I used colored pencils and pastels to fill in the rest of the details. Ultimately, becoming a self portrait of sorts.

At this point, I loved how it was looking and was a little scared I was going to regret adding paint and ink. I photocopied the original illustration on to plain white cardstock. I am so glad I did. The photocopy added some shadowing on the pencil lines and added some interesting depth. I layered on more colored pencil and pastels. Then added watercolor to her hair and to create the water. 

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger Intro Page

My original plan was to embellish the illustration with the elements from the kit and add the quote as a title right to the white background. Then a curious toddler contributed dark red acrylic paint splotches right onto the white background! Time to pivot! I found this old Bazzill textured cardstock from my stash. It is a beautiful bluish gray that matches so well. I roughly added some gesso, then layered on more watercolor. Once dry, I attached the cutout with adhesive along the bottom edge and up the middle.

To be more cohesive, I chose to not use the embellishments from February kit like originally planned. The elements from the June 2020 kit designed by Allison Pennington and the July 2020 kit designed by Meagan Johnson of The Practical Scrapper fit much better. Both of these kits had great jewel tones and paired well together and with the watercolor.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger Intro Page

I used those elements to create two clusters. One for the title and the quote, and a second in the upper left hand corner. The main cluster includes labels from Allison Pennington’s June kit, and the banners, washi and hearts from Meagan Johnson’s July kit. I included the quote onto two of the labels and the years in the album on a third. In the upper left, I used three more banners from the July kit to create one sentiment that also goes along the theme of being on a path of self love. I added more of the washi and the cut apart layered heart. I finished the page by hand drawing a few frame lines around the outer edge to pull it all together.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Intro Page today. I hope you join us in the Light the Path Workshop and I look forward to sharing more with you each month!

Light The Path Design Team Member Ashley Krueger



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