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Welcome to our community of collaborative artists, designers, and scrapbookers!

Creativity is all around us, and as creative people we are constantly taking in inspiration, whether it’s from nature, from products, from existing art, from our own work as it develops and evolves, and also from each other. Our mission here is to foster creative expression and development that comes from collaborative efforts. Our classes, our products, our inspiration are all part of the collaborative efforts that make creativity blossom.

We hope our collaborative efforts will inspire you to create the most important documentation of your life. We focus on education here, which means classes and a blog that allow you to access tips and tricks of memory keeping on your own terms. To bring your creativity to life, check out our Shop with digital, easy to print digital scrapbooking collections designed by our in-house designers. There are a variety of ways to connect with us, so be sure to locate us on your favorite social media outlets as well!

In My Pocket Home Page
In My Pocket Home Page

What is In My Pocket?

In My Pocket was created by our Creative Director, Theresa Moxley, as a way to organize, plan, and complete memory keeping projects. It started out of her own desire to finish albums – to have completed album projects that she was proud to take off the shelf and share with others. The first In My Pocket Class was launched in 2017. The IMP class concept of creating a solid album plan, identifying and selecting the layouts that were most important, and then tackling those pages at a reasonable pace.
IMP Collab has grown to include more voices and more talent in the classroom, so you get to see and experience how talented scrapbookers from our community create their own album projects. You will walk away from IMP with a solid album plan and achievable goals to set you on a path of accomplishment! You too will have albums of pages that tell the story of you, your life, and your experiences.

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