Light the Path 2021 Design Team Junell Kruzel | Intro Post

Light the Path 2021 Design Team Junell Kruzel | Intro Post

Hi everyone and welcome to a blog series created by our design team and designed to inspire you for Light The Path! This is our creative workshop that will help you document a year of healing. You can learn more about this dynamic project here: Light The Path. Today we have Junell, who will be sharing her Light The Path Introduction page from her project. You can see more of her stunning work on Instagrm: @junell.kruzell.


Hi Friends!

I am Junell Kruzel! You can find me on Instagram at @junell.kruzel.

I am so thrilled and honored to be joining the Light The Path 2021 Design Team! In this workshop we will be journaling, making art, scrapbooking, and memory documenting in order to dive just a bit deeper into what’s on our hearts and minds. We will be encouraging and supporting one another on our paths of healing and emotional well-being. 



A little about myself – I live with my husband Cameron in NW Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie. We’ve been married for 16 years. I am a former 5th grade teacher and also a former nanny for two kids. Most recently, I worked part time at our local library. When I’m not scrapbooking you can find me reading, binging The Office, or taking care of my collection of succulents. I love photography, a hot cup of coffee, and the Fall season!


I’ve been scrapbooking for quite a while! In 1998 I had volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and wanted a unique way to document my experience. (Basically, I wanted to add cute stickers to my pictures. I didn’t know scrapbooking was a thing yet!) I was at a craft store and happened upon Memory Makers magazine and the obsession began! So from 1998 to 2010 I basically did the old-fashioned, two page spread with 4×6 pictures and sticker sneezes. I lived for Friday night crops at my local scrapbook store, Becky Higgins was my hero, and December Daily was just an article in a magazine that I ripped out and put into a binder of ideas I wanted to try out!



Then, in 2010, my husband and I had finally made the decision to attempt fertility treatments that ended up being extremely stressful and unsuccessful. I became extremely depressed, anxious, and angry. I quit caring about everything including scrapbooking and I only have a small handful of pictures from those days. It was not until the end of 2014 when somehow I found a scrapbooking podcast and it just re-lit my passion for scrapbooking. But now, everything about the craft had changed- the formats, the page designs, the picture sizes, the people, the products, the companies. Now, there was Instagram, You Tube, and Facebook Groups. My favorite scrapbook stores had closed and everything was online. It was like I had to re-learn all things scrapbooking. I was very slowly coming out of my funk and depression and even started taking pictures again. A very slow, but natural progression of coming back to my beloved hobby was happening.



Today, scrapbooking has transformed into a passion for me! I could scrapbook all day, every day and not tire of it. I’ve done Project Life for a few years in both 12×12 and 9×12. I love to be able to capture and remember all the little things that don’t necessarily require a full page spread, like the squirrels eating my pumpkins, or how I gave myself a manicure. I also love doing 12×12 pages with a little mixed media (nothing too wild!) and lots of layers. I usually like to do grid designs to get a lot of pictures on a page. Recently, I started creating in Life Crafted Albums layouts about myself and things I enjoy. I’m loving the smaller format. Currently, I’m working on October Daily in a travelers notebook and cannot wait to start December Daily this year! (I still have that Ali Edwards article from 2010!) I enjoy a mix of styles and love to scraplift my favorite scrapbookers. I struggle sometimes with adding thoughts and feelings to my journaling, but I’m positive the Light the Path Workshop will guide me in telling deeper stories.



I try to encourage everyone to get in the picture and document their life. I firmly believe our story matters and is important, even if society tells us otherwise. My life does not look anything like I thought it would. I’m still not a mother and never will be, but my life is still worth documenting and scrapbooking reminds me of everything I DO have to be grateful for (like uninterrupted scrapbooking time)! And if I enjoy the process, that’s reason enough to do it. I am beyond joyful when I look back at years and years worth of albums! 

I so look forward to what 2021 has in store and to going on this creative and purposeful journey with Light the Path!

Light The Path Design Team Member Junell Kruzel


We invite you to join us on this yearlong journey of healing art! Pre-orders are now being accepted for the 2021 year and you can sign up by clicking the image below. See you there!


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