Light The Path Design Team Le | Introduction Page

Light The Path Design Team Le | Introduction Page


Hi everyone and welcome to a blog series created by our design team and designed to inspire you for Light The Path! This is our creative workshop that will help you document a year of healing. You can learn more about this dynamic project here: Light The Path. Today we have Le, who will be sharing her Light The Path Introduction page from her project. You can see more of her stunning work on Instagram here: @mum2levi. Welcome Le!!


Hello, crafty friends – welcome to Light the Path!  I’m so happy that you’ve joined us.  Theresa started this project last year; I joined her in the journey then, and I’m happy to be joining again this year. If you’re looking for a way to feel more at peace, more centered, and you’d like to honor yourself right where you are, you will love this project.  Plus, you’ll get to play with stamps, paints, paper and photos – the absolute best combination in getting your crafty on!  

Overhead shot of Le's main art journaling from January 2020.

In January I turn 50.  I’m so excited to be on my first design team this year as a way to celebrate this milestone! 


I’ve been scrapbooking off & on for many years.  My first memory was when I was about ten years old.  I really wanted a puppy, and had been asking for one for what seemed like forever!  So, I decided that in order to show my parents how serious I was about wanting a puppy, I‘d make an album.  So I got out a magnetic photo album (eek!) from my local Ben Franklin store, and started placing all the images of dogs I could find in it.  The project was successful, as we did adopt Mandy, an English Springer Spaniel.  

Then, in 2003, I learned about Creative Memories.  I went to my first (& only) in-person crop.  I dabbled in it for a while, and eventually made my parents an A-Z anniversary album.  It included letters from their friends, photos from when they first started dating, and I tried to capture all the adventures they had taken together so far.  I really loved how it turned out and my parents enjoyed the handmade gift.

In 2013 I made a 12×12 project life album after being newly divorced.  I shared photos of what life was like with my sweet, young kiddo while living in a new home.  While I had fun documenting the memories, I disliked the size of the bulky album, and left scrapping again.

In 2017 a scrapbooking Facebook group was recommended to me and I joined.  I was immediately drawn in.  At the same time, I found a scrapbooking podcast, where they did an interview with Ali Edwards.  I was intrigued and had to try scrapbooking one more time.  December Daily in 2017 was my first step back into it. I haven’t looked back since.


During this recent journey, I’ve tried a lot of different formats.  I’ve done pocket pages in 6×8 albums, layouts in 6×8, Project Life in the Project Life app, mini books, travelers notebooks and daily pages in a small compact insert.  I’ve also played with art journaling.  I‘m still learning so much and enjoy being a part of this scrappy community, where I learn from all of you too.

Journaling from January 2020, as Le starts this art healing journey

One thing I have loved about this course is learning more about art journaling.  Theresa walks us through the techniques she’s used in her layout, so that we can play around with creating something similar.  I really enjoy the experience of playing with paper, gesso and paint markers in art journaling.

Le's scrapbooking spread from January 2020

I’ve been sharing some images from the first month of this class.  Supplies used were from that month’s kit by Sahin Designs, Turn the Page collection by Paige Taylor Evans, and Patreon ephemera from Adele Toomey (Inkie Quill).

The back side of Le's scrapbooking spread from January 2020

Along with scrapbooking, I love all pastel colors, studying the enneagram, reading, journaling, organizing, spiritual connection, staying home, visiting the ocean, and hanging out with family & friends.

Thanks for being here, and see you along the path!


Close-up of Le's art journaling from January 2020.



Light The Path 2021 Design Team Le Hotchkiss

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