IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project Life

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project LifeHey friends! It is Ashley here to share another monthly spread from my 2015 Project Life album. This time I am using the Go To Techniques Collab Kit to document June 2015. I also wanted to share some of my favorite ways to get my pages done.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project LifeThis is another spread that I had most of the photos printed prior so it was just a matter of putting it all together. I started with picking my favorite cards and papers from the kit. Then I start making journaling and filler cards as needed. For the first page, I had a couple of portrait oriented photos that I wanted to include so I added them as 4×4 and created 2×4 journaling cards using the 4×6 Paper Hum flower 4×6 card and the plaid paper from The Practical Scrapper.

Another way I like to tell my stories, especially for past albums, is pull from social media posts and blog posts. For this page, I wanted to a Currently style post I had made at the time. I rotated the rainbow watercolor 4×6 to make a 3×4. Then I added the text prior to printing.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project LifeMoving to the right side of the spread, I had two more stories to tell. One was a wedding and the other was a general life update. Again, I pulled two papers from the Go To Techniques Collab kit to make cards. First is the lovely yellow floral from The Practical Scrapper added as color block. The second is the moth paper. Before printing this one, I added white square for journaling and turned down the opacity so you could see more of the repeated moths under.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project LifeThe last step in creating my journal cards was to add word strips. The GTT Collab kit had a few coordinating labels and word stickers from Paper Hum and The Practical Scrapper. Many I used as is. I also edited a few in Canva.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | June 2015 Project LifeFor the Here&Now label, I duplicated one of the labels from the kit and added the sticker right on top. The green Love This label originally came with a heart icon that I cropped prior to printing.

To pull the rest of the spread together,  I added a little bit of embellishing. I really wanted to use one more picture of my newborn. So for the title card, I recolored one of the Paper Hum monthly overlays I have been using throughout the album and then fussy cut it. The shape of the overlay fit perfect with the folds in the blanket. For the rest of the spread I added in a few word strips from the kit and a few that I made.

If you are interested in watching it all come together, I invite you to check out my process video below!

Additionally, I hope you join us in the IMP Go To Techniques classroom! Not only do our awesome Class Contributors share their favorite tips and tricks for getting albums made, but you also get this lovely digital kit with the class too!