Light The Path Design Team Meg Gundlach | Introduction Layout

Light The Path Design Team Meg Gundlach | Introduction Layout


Hi everyone and welcome to a blog series created by our design team and designed to inspire you for Light The Path! This is our creative workshop that will help you document a year of healing. You can learn more about this dynamic project here: Light The Path. Today we have Meg, who will be sharing her Light The Path Introduction page from her project. You can see more of her stunning work on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Light The Path 2021 Design Team Meg Gundlach Cover

Hello creative friends! I’m Meg, though you’ve probably seen me around the internet as TravelScrapSleepRepeat. I am a nomad at heart. I’m originally from Wisconsin and you will now find me in Wales, via a few other stops along the way. I started scrapbooking in my early teens, born out of a combination of love for photos, the need to make things, and an epically terrible memory. When the pocket page craze hit in 2010 I was all in and I’ve been making week-at-a-glance albums ever since. More often than not you’ll also find me working on several travel albums at the same time. Having worked in a local scrapbook store through high school and college, I’ve now dragged more stickers and paper around the world than most border agents probably expect to see. These days I have a heavily hybrid style because I love the instant gratification of downloading new product and it opens up a whole world of independent designers.

I am absolutely thrilled to join Theresa and the Light The Path Design Team in 2021. Despite my many years of creating, I’ve always been more of an ‘event’ documenter than a ‘feels’ documenter and I welcome this opportunity to reach deeper. As an academic researcher I am a classic Type A, which definitely explains my affinity for the nice clean grid of a pocket page. But just because I’m on the Design Team doesn’t mean I won’t be learning right along with you—mixed media is an entirely can of worms for me and the art prompts are purely experimental.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Meg Gundlach Cover

I’m really looking forward to being pushed out of my comfort zone by the LTP prompts and jumped right into the deep end. As weird as it sounds, starting at the start (making the cover) is not how I typically approach a new project but I have to say…I kind of love it. Starting with the cover gave me the time to really consider what I want to achieve through the project this year. I decided to go with a 6×12 album because the individual pages have a mini-album vibe but it still gives me plenty of space to incorporate the art prompts. There are also a ton of card/page protector combinations that work in this size so I will have options throughout the year.

For some reason I’m a little obsessed with having a transparent cover layer in my smaller albums, so I decided to just go for it here. Because I do not yet know what the pages of this album will hold, I created the cover with the following factors in mind:

  • Techniques I will be repeating throughout the album = Mixed Media (eek!)
  • This album is intimately about me, so the cover should reflect a few of my favorite things = Teal. Stars. Maps. Compasses.
  • When looking for a phrase strip to use, I wanted something that expressed what I was most hoping to get out of this when the album was full. The phrase ‘Loving Myself As I Am’ felt like the right message at the right time.
  • Keep it simple. This is only the beginning.

The main elements of the page are drawn from the 2020 prompts: Light The Path wordart/black label (January, Sahin Designs), phrase strip (July, The Practical Scrapper), and compass (August, Sahin Designs). The acetate, map paper, puffy star and star stencil were pulled from my stash. I’m a huge fan of mixing digital elements with pieces from my physical supplies, especially to add some dimension. The mixed media elements are a new and intriguing addition to my style. Overall, I am just so excited to see what the rest of this album will hold.

If you want follow my Light The Path journey and all my other scrapbook adventures, I can be found on Instagram, My Blog, and Pinterest.

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