Light The Path Design Team Akansha Sahgal | Introduction

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Hi everyone and welcome to a blog series created by our design team and designed to inspire you for Light The Path! This is our creative workshop that will help you document a year of healing. You can learn more about this dynamic project here: Light The Path. Today we have Akansha, who will be sharing her Light The Path Introduction page from her project. You can see more of her stunning work on her Blog: Akansha Sahgal


Hey everyone,

When I came across Light The Path workshop, I was sure that I have to get associated with it in some way. When I read about the workshop and the purpose behind it, I could feel a strong connect with it. The workshop offers an individual to understand the importance of self-love and work on themselves and grow with the help of art. I am glad to be a part of the 2021 design team and share this journey towards self-healing and knowing yourself better with everyone here.


Light The Path Design Team Akansha Sahgal | Introduction


For this particular layout, I used the digital kit of May 2020 by Neftali Zambrano. The prompt was Things I need to Hear and in one go I knew that my very first project will start with this as the very first page of my journal will give me the reminder related to all the positive affirmations I need to hear. I chose two very pretty journal cards from the kit. One I used as a photo mat and the other I used for my journaling.

First, I used some ink and my background stencil to give a bit of color to the all white page and then went ahead and pasted my journal cards. Then, I added the ‘positive affirmations’ tag on the journal card I used for journaling. I also added a bunch of flowers and leaves in the blank spaces and added the light the path banner at the bottom. I completed the layout by adding a small banner on the top, which had the date when the layout was made and added my positive affirmations on the brown journal card.


Light The Path Design Team Akansha Sahgal | Introduction


Talking about me, I am born and brought up in India. I am currently pursuing my post graduation and along with that I have a small business of my own that deals in handmade gifts. I have been an avid crafter since my early years. I started with basic paper crafts during the early school days and my interest just grew in crafting over time. Finally, in 2016 I decided to convert my hobby into my profession.

Light The Path Design Team Akansha Sahgal | Introduction


I started working on a lot of scrapbooks later on as a part of my business orders in 2016. In February 2018 I was working on a scrapbook to store our old family photos in a better manner and that was the time when I realized that scrap booking is something that one can do for their own memory keeping as well. After that there has been no stopping. I love the fact that I can express whatever is going on in my mind through my scrapbooks. I mostly like to work on smaller pages like pocket diaries, traveler’s notebook etc. as compared to the big 12 by 12 pages.


Light The Path Design Team Akansha Sahgal | Introduction


I love using different mediums and trying out new techniques in all my layouts. My scrapbooks are always a mix of layouts with different techniques. Also, I like journaling in my layouts to record the memories or my emotions for that particular spread. For 2021 I am planning to start with a 9 by 11 inches journal and most probably a separate journal as an art journal. Currently using different stamps and inks in my layouts are my go-to supplies. Apart from scrap booking I love card making as well and hence you can find a lot of cards being used in my layouts as background, ephemera etc. I am so excited to share my scrap booking journey with you all.

Light The Path Design Team Member Akansha Sahgal

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