Light The Path Design Team Maribeth Lysen | Workshop January Photography Prompt

Light The Path Design Team Maribeth | Workshop January Photography Prompt


Hi friends,

Maribeth here! Embracing this month’s photography prompt on selfie’s and self love can be a bit daunting. Rarely have a I loved how I look in photos. I do try and take selfies fairly regularly, but often find myself having to do a bunch before I got one I thought was “good enough”. This month in Light The Path, Theresa encourages us be intentional in our selfie taking and to really look at the photos. Find things we love, and focus our self-talk on the love and not on the flaws. Check out more of what the Design Team has been creating for this prompt here: Light The Path Design Team.

As I was pulling photos and started doing some journaling, I realized in the last several months, my view of myself has shifted. It’s been really different to have a partner who takes my photo all the time. My husband loves to take pictures. He has thousands on his phone. And he loves taking my photo. It’s been amazing to see some of the photos he’s captured, like the one here where I’m laughing. It’s helping me to see myself differently. He also takes a bunch that I loath, but I try and not to ask him to delete them. Even the photos where I think I look awful, or old, or all I can see is the 10 extra pounds of COVID weight, I’m working to embrace them all because they are all me.

I hope you all have a lovely month. I can’t wait to see what you create! 



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