Light The Path Design Team Maribeth Lysen | January Art Journaling Prompt

Light The Path Design Team Maribeth Lysen | 2021 Introduction: A New Start


Hi friends,

Maribeth here today! One thing I really want to explore in 2021 is art journaling. I want to use the collection of art supplies I have, often languishing unused in my studio. Light The Path is the perfect opportunity to use those supplies because every month includes an art journaling prompt! To see more of how the Design Team is incorporation art journaling in the workshop, follow this link: Light The Path Design Team.

To create this art journaling page, I used alcohol inks to make the background on yupo paper. I was inspired by the colors in the beautiful January collection from the artist Nef Zambrano. It’s such an amazing happy collection to start the new year! 

For the journaling, I used one of the writing prompts from this month’s scrapbooking prompt, “I am”. I used the prompt as a guide to think deeper about who I am right now. As the words poured out, it also became an opportunity to embrace more of the traits I love about myself and more of what I want to invite into my life this year like curiosity, creativity, and play. It was also a good reminder, I’ve done big hard things, and I can do them again. 

Next I opened opened an 8.5×11 document in photoshop and added my journaling. I made sure to leave some room around all 4 sides because I knew I wanted to mount it on my background paper that was also 8.5×11. I grabbed the digital numbers from the collection and lined them up on the left side. I digitally recolored a couple to better match my page using the collection’s color palette. I grabbed one of my favorite photos from late 2020. It’s a picture my husband took where he captured me laughing and added to the top of the page. Next, I added the word art from the collection, overlapping it with my photo and the journaling. 

I printed it out, cut it down to fit on my alcohol ink background, and called it good! I thought about adding some physical embellishments, but in the end I loved how it looked. It pairs nicely with the photography prompt it sits next to in the album. 

I hope you all have a lovely month. I can’t wait to see what you create! 



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