In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach | DinoLand USA

In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach | DinoLand USA


Hey friends, Meg here again! You may have noticed there’s been a lot going on at the Theresa Moxley site and it is all super exciting. I’m just popping on here today to officially wrap up In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 with a final layout share and a little discussion of ‘themed’ products.

In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach DinoLand

I would like to start by stating for the record that professionally, archeologists have nothing at all to do with dinosaurs. That being said….why yes, OF COURSE I love dinosaurs and thank you for asking pretty much everyone I have ever met….

That’s why I was instantly smitten with the June 2018 The Good Life collection at Pixel Scrapper. Though I could easily use it for anything, the search for an appropriate spread took me into my Disney 2018 albums. Being as I love a good prehistoric attraction, I had options: the Jurrasic Park ride at Universal or DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom. The bright floral dino vibe (my new life aesthetic) was better suited to the latter so I pulled it out and got to work.

Pixel Scrapper (now found at is an amazing source of digital supplies with both free and paid membership options. For more on the site and how I use it in my hybrid process, check out this post on my blog. 

In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach DinoLand

For something a little different, I thought today I would walk you through how I go about filling pockets from the time I pull it out of my album. The numbers on the image above not only correlate with the list of designers below but also the order in which the cards were chosen. In case you were wondering, the super cute digital number circles are Holiday Numbers by Elif Sahin Designs.

1. Scrap Emporium (previously Digital Design Essentials)

I’ve had these digital cards for a very long time (circa 2015?) but found a full week printed while doing some rearranging. I love them because they are simple enough to match everything, but the geometric design also reminds me of Spaceship Earth. When setting up my Disney album I added one per day to a spread with lots of open pockets. As I’m filling in, sometimes they stay and sometimes they get shifted—when I sat down to finish this layout, this was the only card in the pockets with the photos.

2. Pixel Scrapper (June 2018 The Good Life collection)

As mentioned above, this is the collection that inspired me to select this spread. As I was printing these ‘fresh’ from digital files, it was a good opportunity to fill the empty 4×6 spaces with my favorite designs. I also printed a handful of filler patterns and 2 dino icons to establish my theme.

3. Project Mouse

The easiest way to keep a consistent flow through a project this size is to have a certain set of products that you return to over and over. My Project Mouse stash is always my first stop when looking for coordinating cards and here I was specifically looking to pull out that dark yellow color. Even though the four cards that appear in this spread are not specifically ‘themed’ for Disney, they keep the feel going between pages.

4. Studio Calico (color sorted stash)

A few months ago I reorganized the majority of my 3×4 cards by color, freely mixing collections and brands. My Studio Calico cards have been sorted in this way for many years and felt like it was time to pull them all together. By the last 3×4 pocket of my spread, I knew I just wanted something simple so I pulled out my white cards and looked for one with room for writing. Field Notes was the perfect sentiment to document our dino-venture, so this Studio Calico card was the winner.

5. Elle’s Studio (*affiliate link)

Ok folks. If you stuck in there this far, we are down to our last 4×6 pocket. Here I wanted a card that could hold a short story, a long restaurant name, and a circular dino icon. For this I turned to my Elle’s Studio cards, which frequently feature these divided sections. I found one that suited (it’s actually upside down), stuck it in, and all my pockets were full.

In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach DinoLand


Honestly, I was as surprised as anyone to find I don’t own a stamp of dinosaur tracks (suggestions very welcome!). Not to be deterred from the vision in my head I found a google image, cut a variety of sizes on my silhouette to use as stencils, and heat embossed them in white. I was going for the ‘dino chic’ look but the reality is that it’s a bit messy, imperfect, and totally fun. The embossed tracks also look kind of like casts so that’s cool (#historynerd).

In My Pocket Theme Parks Volume 02 Meg Gundlach DinoLand

Having already incorporated dino cards, dino icons, and dino tracks, I turned to my outdoorsy/rustic favorites to finish the embellishing—cork and metal. Adding printed elements to metal rim tags is an easy upgrade. Cork is a neutral that matches pretty much everything and is often interchangeable between brands. I had a freshly acquired pack of cork from Rosie’s Studio, so I started there and pulled from my stash as needed. A few labels, stamps and staples later and I have another finished spread to add to my Disney 2018 album!

Hope you all enjoyed a different perspective on how I mix and match products, especially when it comes to a heavy theme. If you want to see more of my process I recently launched a TravelScrapSleepRepeat YouTube channel and I’m delighted to be a Guest Contributor for the upcoming In My Pocket Collab Travel workshop here on!



Tomorrow we will be closing out the IMP Theme Parks Vol. 02 challenges, but the class remains open and available for purchase! Click the image below to receive access to more theme parks fun from Meg, Theresa, and our Guest Contributors!

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