IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Little Summer Joy Traveler’s Notebook

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share a fun project I have been working on for summer using the Summer Break kit from The Practical Scrapper. This Traveler’s Notebook is inspired by the Little Summer Joy project hosted by Amanda Wilder of Wilder Stories. Similar to the TN I made for the Self Love Project, I started with a plain, dotted notebook and added papers and cards from the Summer Break kit for each of the prompts.

The first prompt is for Summer Manifesto. I like making a summer bucket list each year so I looked at all the things we want to do this year and separating them into different categories. The list items fell into five different categories; Go, See, Play, Eat, and Rest. I grabbed the polka dot card and resized it for a typical TN (4.25 x 8.25) before remembering that this particular brand of notebook is just a bit off from those dimensions. Instead of reprinting, I trimmed the page to make it into a flip and added some journaling behind the flap.

Next, I cut the yellow numbered boxes from a card from the Go To Techniques Collab Kit (which comes free with the IMP Go To Techniques Class) designed by Paper Hum. To each, I stamped out the different categories of our bucket list. Then I put them on the background paper. Lastly, I grabbed a couple Cocoa Daisy die cuts from my stash.

The second prompt for June is Summer Calendar. The quote card on the left is a 3×4 directly from the kit. I grabbed free calendars from for June, July, and August and created a little booklet from them. To the front is another 3×4 card directly from the Summer Break kit.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | LJS Traveler’s NotebookThe third prompt for Little Summer Joy is Summer Playlist. From the left hand page, I started with a 4×6 card that had a fun pattern on top and journaling box on the bottom. I cropped it to the page size. Then before printing, I added squares to hold the covers of different books I hoped to either read or listen to this summer. Underneath, I added journaling about my habit of switching to audiobooks in the summer. On the right side, the page was made using a 12×12 paper from the kit and adding a blank box for journaling. Before printing I added the music note embellishment from a 4×6 journaling card.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | LJS Traveler’s NotebookI finished this spread by adding a photo of myself and my summer music playlist as a tip-in. I love creating playlists in Spotify for different themes and seasons. I also enjoy adding those playlists to my memory keeping projects. Before printing the card from the kit, I added the playlist cover image and the QR code to bring up the playlist.

I love this Little Summer Joys project. My memory keeping slows down during the first part of summer and this is a great way to document little moments. How are you documenting your summer? Are you looking for a little inspiration to get you through the mid-year slump? Be sure to check out the IMP Go To Techniques class (to get the coordinating IMP Collab Kit free) when you are grabbing The Practical Scrapper’s Summer Break kit!