December Daily 2015 Day 3!

Hi friends, welcome back! So Day 3 for me was one of my favorite days of the year simply because I got to spend it with my best friend and husband, Alan. We spent the day shopping and getting ready for Christmas Day. My layout for the day was really simple and quick to put together, and I even have my process video for the layout!

So here is how the layout was created in my album for the foundation pages:

December Daily 2015 Day 3.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 3

Since I removed the page protector on the left side, that page was completely blank. I decided to use one of Ali Edwards’ digital templates to create a frame around the photo, and I also decided to use one of the promotional photos that was in a Target mailer we received. Very fitting, considering we spent an obscene amount of money there! Ha! 

December Daily 2015 Day 03.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 03


Once I printed the template, I added the stars using a star stencil from Crafter’s Workshop, and then I added a simple Joy word strip and a red star enamel dot.

December Daily 2015 Day 03


On the right hand side all I did was add the Comfort & Joy word strip and the red enamel star. And that was all it took to finish this day!

December Daily 2015 Day 03.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 03
December Daily 2015 Day 03

And here is one more image from directly above:

December Daily 2015 Day 03.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 03

That is it for today! I hope you are enjoying your December month and make sure you go, do, and create today!

See you back tomorrow!


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