December Daily 2015 Day 2!

Hi there, how are things going for you in your December Daily travels? I feel settled into a routine and know sort of how this month is going to go and I just love this project. Today I have a process video for you showing Days 1 and 2, so have a look!

Here is how Day 2 was created for my foundation pages.

December Daily 2015 Day 02

And then I had added the transparency for Day 1, so I was working on the back of Day 1’s flip-out. I added a simple photo on top of the white space. For the other side, I wasn’t really happy with how the page protector was showing through on Day 1, so I switched out the protector for the deer paper that was in Ali Edwards’ Main Kit. Because the page protectors are larger than 6×8, I brought the patterned paper into Photoshop and sized it up to fit.

December Daily 2015 Day 02

I adhered the number 2 directly to the patterned paper and added a white journaling card that was in the Cheer Story Kit. 

December Daily 2015 Day 02

Here is my journaling, it is very simple and just about the tree. This is my favorite part about decorating, and definitely a part of my December joy. No long journaling necessary.

December Daily 2015 Day 02

I also layered a few embellishments on top of the photo, but again very quick and simple.

December Daily 2015 Day 02

And that was it for Day 2! I do hope you are having a wonderful December day today! Go, do, and create!

See you soon,


**December Daily is the creative brainchild of scrapbooking genius Ali Edwards, and is a method of memory-keeping for December. The process includes creating foundation pages and then adding photos plus a story each day throughout the month of December. More about this project, and resources for classes, shopping, and more inspiration can be found here.

I make an honest effort every day to attribute the products I have used, so that you can find things that inspire you and excite you, too. Sadly, some of the products I have used today are no longer available: the tiny label with green border is Jillibean soup and the wood veneer Christmas tree and Happy flag are both Gossamer Blue.

The vintage number 2 is part of a set of subway numbers that I purchased from a vintage shop here locally in Kernersville, NC, called Vintage Jane. They are numbers found in NYC and are several decades old. While no others are available, I know that Etsy frequently offers similar subway numbers that could be used to achieve this look.

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