December Daily 2015 Day 4!

Hi there, today is going to be very quick and simple because we are busy today having so much December fun and I hope you are too! There is no process video today because I literally printed out journaling and photo, and then adhered it to the page. Done. Here is the layout as it was created for the foundation pages:

December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04

So I’m going to be honest here and tell you that yesterday was kind of a bah-humbug day. Not much was really planned and one of the children had a doctor appointment and two of the children are with their dad, so it was very low-key. No photos. I wasn’t really feeling the joy yesterday. But I kept thinking about the day before, when Alan and I went shopping. I kept thinking about how much fun we had, and he had taken a couple of snaps of me with his phone. I kept thinking about those quick snaps he took of me being silly, cutting up in the Target, playing around and being well, just being happy. And so even though these photos might have other wise gone on Day 3, I used them here and wrote a letter to myself.

December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04

I write out my letter to myself and placed it in a plain vellum envelope, and then I added one of the red snowflakes from Ali Edwards’ kit to the flap. To keep it closed I added the gold clip, and I also layered a gold doily over the page itself, so the journaling wasn’t completely visible from the outside.

December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04

The journaling reads as follows:

Dear T:

Look at you, laughing and enjoying yourself. These are moments of joy, and they are reserved just for you. Yeah, I know you’ve had your moments of crying right in the middle of Target, and you’ve certainly had your share of panic attacks right in the middle of Target. You’ve even left your cart a few times in the middle of Target and ran out, unable to complete the day’s tasks.

I want you to know that it’s ok that all that happened, and I want you to know that today is so much better. These special moments of love and joy? They were waiting for you on the other side.

It took a lot of work to get right here where you are, laughing and cutting up in the Target aisle. Shame on all the people who left you while you were battling all that. I know that words of cheer and support felt few and far between. But look at you go, look at you, keeping on keeping on, making your way.

Look at all you’ve accomplished just this year. Sure, the year ended up a much different way than you imagined. Leaving school suddenly, without a degree, was not part of the plan. But laughter was. Overcoming your own fears about presenting your work in public formats was. Facing technical challenges and learning the ins and outs of business ownership, social media, photography and videography….all of these were part of the plan.

They were part of a plan you’ve had for yourself for 8 years. 8 years ago you were almost at the point where you are today, and life hit a sudden and traumatic pause. Be so very proud of yourself, even when others might not be, because you overcame a lot. Be cheered today, my dear self, for you are amazing. Go you.

December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04

For the facing page, I literally left it exactly as it was:

December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04
December Daily 2015 Day 04.pngDecember Daily 2015 Day 04

And that is all for Day 4! Thanks so much for following along and I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 5!  Please take a moment to Comment, Like, Subscribe and let me know what you think of how the album is coming along! Also, if you are creating your own December Daily, please share! Now go, do, and create!


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