October Daily 2023 | Three Major Ways to Prep And Plan for Any Daily Album Project!

Three Ways To Prep For October Daily | Theresa Moxley


Hi friends and welcome back to the blog! The first day of October is almost here and I wanted to share with you just Three Ways You Can Prep and Plan for October Daily right now! In between completing my 2021 October Daily album, I have been slowly getting ready for October because I have learned that preparing can make the process go much smoother. I am not a stickler for completing my album within the month, by any means, but I do hope to get about half way through October documented in my album. Of course, you will need to be taking photos this month – take as many as you can and feel inspired to take! I seem to take a lot on the weekends because that is when we are doing all the things, and then I work them in throughout the week. For today’s post, let’s talk about other ways to prepare, even if you are just starting now!


Gather New (Or Older!) Supplies

Oh yes, new supplies sound like a guilty pleasure but they also play an important role in and new album project! You don’t have to purchase any new supplies of course, and so regardless of whether your supplies are new or not, it helps to go through and begin gathering inspiration and layout ideas from your supplies. I did just that with a recent Scrapbook.com haul, and you can see the full video here.

Organize The Supplies 

Of course, supplies can be overwhelming and easily forgotten during a busy month like October, so organization is important. I know everyone collectively groans at this point, but here’s the thing. You don’t have to redo your entire scrappy space. You can just select a part of your space and dedicate that space to October Daily supplies. And then shove the rest of the mess into the closet. (or the trash can. Ha! Kidding! Sort of.) I think this is one of the reasons carts are so handy for these types of projects. You can organize things quickly and visibly into the cart just for the month, and then at the end of the month you can put it all away. That is what I am doing. You can check out my video below of how I’ve set my space up this month.


Three Ways To Prep For October Daily | Theresa Moxley



Start Working With Digital Supplies

If you are a fan of hybrid scrapbooking like I am, or a digital scrapbooker, this tip is just for you. Hybrid layouts or layouts created with templates and cut files, things that need printing, take extra time sometimes. Sometimes there are extra detailed layouts that you can go ahead and print, cut, and pull together now. See how I’ve set my folders and digital products up to help me this month.


And there you have it, three ways to get set up now for October Daily! Or any daily album project really. I hope this has been informative for you! I look forward to sharing more from this album project with you and will see you then!