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Hi friends, Le here! In the Light The Path workshop, Theresa said we need to be protective of our environment and watch what we allow into our life. This really resonated with me.  One of my friends and I will say we’ve had a “pink bubble” day.  This means is it’s been quiet and we’ve been able to create a day filled with activities that make us feel good.  Identifying what sensory issues negatively affect us, and figuring out how we can soothe ourselves reminds me of these days.  A day filled with soothing our senses sounds amazing, right? As survivors of trauma, we need to figure out how we can soothe ourselves everyday, multiple times a day.

Light the Path Le | Feb 21 Five Senses

I found the meditations this month to be so helpful.  What I found particularly interesting was that last year I wasn’t able to identify many sensory triggers.  I don’t know if I wasn’t quite ready to face them yet?  This month I was able to identify triggers for each of the five senses.  So, if you haven’t been able to identify some right away, just give it time.  Maybe if you come back to this practice in the future you’ll be able to uncover more.

There has been one issue in my adult life that has confused me, and I hadn’t yet been able to figure it out.  By doing these meditations I uncovered something I didn’t realize before.  A light bulb went off in my head.  I was able to figure out the “why.”  While it isn’t always necessary to know the why, it’s brought a clarity that I really appreciate.

Light the Path Le | Feb 21 Five Senses

When I was doing the meditations I jotted down something Theresa said.  She said, “become fiercely loyal to your sensory needs.”  I loved that.  Affirmations are helpful for me, so I decided to turn that sentence into an affirmation. I added that text to one of the 3×4 cards in Traci’s kit.  When I was thinking about what kind of layout I would do, I noticed the sticker that said “how i self-soothe.”  That seemed like a really great prompt for the spread.  I like the idea of having a reference to go to when my senses are overstimulated. I can be reminded of what I can do to take care of myself in those moments.

Light the Path Le | Feb 21 Five Senses

Since I completed the workbook I had notes I could refer to when I did the spread.  I really like how it turned out.  Some of the items I used were a black Frixion pen because it has an eraser and I was afraid I might make a mistake!  I also used some small heart stickers I had in my stash, along with some Nuvo drops I got from  The stamp I used for my title is from Lawn Fawn, and is called Claire’s ABCs.


Light the Path Le | Feb 21 Five Senses


Blessings!  See you next month.


Light The Path 2021 Design Team Le Hotchkiss


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