Light the Path Design Team Le Hotchkiss | I’m Ready!


Light the Path Design Team Le Hotchkiss | I'm Ready!


Hi friends! Le here! Today I am sharing a layout using the January Light The Path prompt, documenting Where We Are Today. I so love this January art meditation. It is an easy, gentle way to prepare for the New Year. Like Theresa said, it’s a way to talk to ourselves as if we were talking to a dear friend. I love the digital kit this month, made by Neffy Zambrano. The colors are just perfect. I was able to find a full sheet of paper that went perfectly with her design, which I placed on the left side.

I loved Theresa‘s idea of using gesso, however I ended up finding a page I had already painted in an old art journal. I used that as the right side of my page. I struggled a bit with how to have the two sides come together as one spread. Hopefully the repetition of blue and rainbows helps. 

Light The Path Le Hotchkiss Feb 2021

I ended up using Mod Podge instead of matte medium, because I’ve had this bottle probably 20 years and I never really used it much. Miraculously it’s still working! I love how it leaves a shiny sheen on the top.

I do like how this ended up and I think using just a few ephemera pieces worked well. I realized that I am more of a minimalist when it comes to scrapbooking.

I am someone who likes routine, likes to feel safe, comfortable and secure but I think this upcoming year I need to stretch my wings a little bit further so that my son and I can experience more adventure.  We’ll see what the year brings!

Light The Path Le Hotchkiss Feb 2021


Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you are inspired to create!

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Le Hotchkiss

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