Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | November 2021 Grief

Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | November 2021 Grief


Hello friends! Today I am sharing my pocket pages from the November prompts in the Light the Path workshop using a gorgeous kit designed by Neftali Zambrano. This month I focused on documenting my journey to find the light within my grief journey by learning to embrace what I have gained from my trauma.

I started with a title page for the month. I started with one of the floral cards from the kit. I added one of the labels and stamped the month on it. I paired with photos I took in response to the photography prompt. One of myself and one of the sun coming up over the hills nearby our home. To that sunrise photo, I added florals from the kit and gold foiled leaves from my stash. On top, I added a label with “finding my light”.

On the opposite side of the page, I documented part of my journey on another 3×4 card from kit as is. In th e bottom pocket, I used a cropped 4×6 card with a 3×4 photo to fill the pocket. I wrote out one of my favorite quotes from the month on to it. To that card I also added more of the floral embellishments and one of the hearts.

Again, I included two photos I took as part of the photography prompt. For this month, I included not only photos of myself, but also of my surroundings, that reminded me of light within my grief journey. As seen in some of my journaling, most of my feelings of loss and grief are rooted in a feeling of loss of independence and self. This has been a journey of finding myself and beauty with where I am. On this page, I repeated the elements from the first page. I embellished the top photo with a gold foiled word phrase sticker and a heart embellishment from the kit and left the photo of myself plain.

On the facing page, I used one of the 4×6 cards that I adjusted the color to. The burnt orange red is beautiful but did not look great with the photo I used so I just used grayscale when printing. To it, I added the word art from this kit and a word strip from my stash from a previous kit. In the bottom pocket is another 3×4 picture on top of a larger card to mimic two 3x4s in a 4×6 pocket. On top of the photo, I added a label from my stash stamped with healing. The journaling card details coming to terms with my loss and what I am gaining from my accident and the resulting ptsd.

I hope you have been enjoying following along with my journey and find inspiration from how I have used Neftali’s kit this month. As always, if you would like to see more of my work join us in the Light The Path workshop. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram as well @ashleyamak.

Light The Path Design Team Member Ashley Krueger