Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | May 2021 Things To Remember

Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | May 2021 Things To Remember


Happy May friends, Ashley here! Today, I am sharing my pocket page layout for the May prompts in the Light the Path workshop. This month we are highlighting the things we need to hear to keep us in a good space. For this project, my focus was the things I need to remember in regards to my healing journey.

I have been working my way back to my own path after a few weeks of feeling lost and frustrated. A few things have come up this spring that left me wondering “what’s the point?” and feeling like I was destined to be “broken” forever. Working through this month’s prompts really helped me identify what I was feeling and shift my mindset. That work was a huge inspiration for my pages this month.

I started with the upper right hand pocket. For it, I used the black paint splatter 3×4 journal card. To the top, I used the “this is what i need to hear” word art from the embellishments. I trimmed out each word and then layered them over one of the washi strips.

The things I really need to hear and remind myself are based on the work I do in therapy as well as my work with the prompts. I wrote out a few of the most important ones to my healing and keeping me moving forward on my path. It felt a little unfinished so I added a quick, messy line border.

Next, I wanted to expand on my feelings on the three things I that I feel I need to hear. I had a little more to say than usual, but not quite enough for a full 4×6 so I slightly enlarged the white 3×4 “Thoughts” journal card. Then I trimmed the height back to 4 inches and layered it on the patterned 4×6. I embellished the card with a tiny blue butterfly from the kit.

For the empty space on the patterned card, I wanted to add one of flower stickers. At first, the flower felt lost on the background so I smudged a bit of white paint. As a result, it toned down the pattern and allowed the flower to stand out. To it, I added the “my healing journey” word art. To finish it, I wrote in “this is” above and “& no one else’s” to incorporate some of my journaling.

The last part of this layout is my photo. I went with a selfie that a few people in my life had commented that they noticed a sparkle. It felt like a perfect representation of the photography prompt for finding the light. For the embellishments, first I added some of the leftover washi from the journal card. Then I added the “no judgement” word strip from the embellishments. Again, this is a sentiment that reflects my journaling and the things I need to hear and remember.

The Light the Path workshop has been such an amazing resource throughout my healing journey. I hope you join us and explore your own healing through art and creativity. You can find more of my work, my life, and my story on Instagram @ashleyamak.

Light The Path Design Team Member Ashley Krueger