IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | 2022 One Little Word

Hey friends! It is Ashley back with another project using the Shine Minikit designed by Dunia Designs! Today, I wanted to share how I have incorporated pieces from the kit into my physical One Little Word Stitched Journal. Initially, I was keeping notes on the digital version of the journal. The Shine kit inspired me to update the physical one.

The stitched journal has various sections for each month and different prompts. To mark the sections I plan on using the most I made tabs using the metallic heart from one of the journaling cards. I sized the tabs to approximately .68in x .875in. It’s a unique size but made it so the tab was wide enough to show the heart but short enough so that all the tabs lined up with minimal overlap. I printed 13 tabs and marked the section for the monthly self portrait and each of the monthly pages. For the monthly tabs, I stamped the month in the heart before adding to the page. I finished the tabs by covering the backs with a black and white polka dot washi.

Next I made various journaling cards for different prompts for the next few months. I used the same basic process for each set which starts with selecting my favorite cards and papers and then adding a white rectangle for my writing. For the January prompts, I used 3x4in journaling card dimensions but printed them a bit smaller to fit the page I was adding them to in the journal. After printing, I stamped the title for each in the upper half of the journaling space.

For the April and May prompts, I chose 3×8 for my journal cards. I set them up the same as the other cards. Before printing, I added the title text using a similar font to the stamps I used for January. April had more aspects to the prompt so I ended up creating three cards. Two were just blank and the third is for a playlist I made for connecting with my word. Before printing that specific card out, I added the track listing for the playlist I created.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | 2022 One Little WordLast is my May card. I decided to make my own card for the daily practice tracker. I pulled up my template for the April 3×8 cards. I added the lines to write out what my practice was going to be. Then I added the numbers for each day of the month. I added it to the front of my May pages with washi tape as a flip out to provide an added journaling spot if I need it.

If you’re interested in seeing more of this journal and other ways I have incorporated the Dunia Designs Shine Minikit, I invite you to head over to my YouTube Channel or follow me on Instagram @ashleyamak. It is such a great basics kit that could easily be used in a variety of ways. It is definitely one you need to have in your stash. Be sure to grab it from the Designers Shop!