IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | All About the Pronto Pups

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | All about the pronto pups 1

Hello again, friends. Aren’t these IMP Collab These Parks 3 digitals great? I LOL’d when I spotted the pronto pup (aka, corn dog) icon. I immediately knew I had to tell the story of how much my Mom loved Pronto Pups from the the Minnesota State Fair.

If you’re not in the know, the MN State Fair is the *best* state fair in the country. Texas will get the attendance records (the fair runs longer) and Iowa will get the news coverage (especially during presidential election years because Iowa is the first state to caucus) BUT the MN State Fair is so awesome because Minnesotans rally around it, hard. We have six professional sports teams here and they aren’t big winners so instead we GO ALL IN over “the Fair.”

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | All about the pronto pups 2

The Pronto Pup looks like a corn dog and it does have a hot dog center, but the batter coating is more like a pancake batter. It is fluffier and thicker than corn breading. And when deep fried…it’s simply the best. I think the vendor’s tagline is something like “a buffet on a stick.” My Mom *loved* them. Only with mustard, please. And she loved the Fair. Always the 10 days leading up to Labor Day, it feels like Minnesota’s farewell to another summer.

Everything on these pages is digital, except the dates and stars. The journaling page reminds me of a magazine and that was just the look I was aiming to achieve. Another story that came together super quickly.

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | All about the pronto pups 3

So many great detailed icons in this kit. I have more ideas to use the text circle above. Make it really big on a page, maybe print on vellum or a transparency. Or place multiples on a page with circle photos inside. The sentiment relates to many situations we experience in life. Thanks for popping in here and I’ll see you in the IMP Memory Keeping Facebook group, the Theme Parks Volume 3 class and over on my IG account. Cheers!