Brand Announcement! Larkindesign Is Now Theresa Moxley!

Brand Announcement! Larkindesign Is Now Theresa Moxley!


Hello friends! Today I have some exciting news to share with you! Before I do that, I just have to say thank you to all of you for loving on us these last six years, for supporting us, and for helping us grow! It has been an incredible journey of joy mixed with work, a few tears along the way, but always moving forward and always sharing with the goal of inspiring. I started as Larkindesign because I always loved that name and always dreamed of building it into something that had meaning and purpose! That has come to life in so many unique ways, and you see it right here. Today we are growing beyond Larkindesign, and our name is now Theresa Moxley. Our website is now! This is such a big deal, and I have to admit a bit of apprehension about having my name being used, but then again it also is very much time!

Our name change has been brought about in large part because of functionality issues on the website, and we truly hope that navigating our site will be easier. Last year we introduced our flagship project, Light The Path, and had no idea how this project would come to life. We built it from the ground up, imagining a whole new way of healing and creating a resource that supports emotional healing from within. Having that project hosted on another domain, however, created some issues on the back end and also made it more difficult for our Light Bearers to log in. So Light The Path is now full integrated here and all of our classes and workshops and prompts now all live under the Theresa Moxley umbrella. Hooray!


I created a video to share more about it, and also to give you a tour of our site! Check it out!

Thank you again so much for all your love and support! We could not do this without you! Our mission here remains steadfast to inspire others to Create, Heal, and Grow. I am so excited to see what the future holds, and I am super glad you are along for this journey! Let’s Light The Path together!