Welcome To December Daily 2019!!!

Larkindesign Welcome To December Daily 2019!!!

Welcome Lovelies! It is that most magical time of the year and I am so excited to join in with December Daily 2019! Ok, I promise I will stop using exclamation points, but for real, this project is the best project all year and the best part is, I get to share it with you. Today I wanted to start out with a fun little welcome back chat, and a challenge for you as we enter the holiday season.

Every year we set about to document our holiday memories, and for many of us December Daily has become a favorite way to do just that. One story, per day, for the month, in a beautiful little album keepsake to have forever. December Daily was of course designed and marketed by Ali Edwards, who encourages us to find our Reason Why. The idea behind our Reason Why is so we can get really clear on why we are doing this project and why we are choosing to include the activities we do in the month of December. She is a proponent of intentional living, and I am on board with that.

Larkindesign Welcome To December Daily 2019!!!

This year has been all about going deeper for me. Going deeper with my projects, with my business, with my family. And this year December Daily is no different. I want to go deeper, and I want to go deeper with my Reason Why as well. The best thing about December Daily is no doubt the ability to pause and reflect on the moments, events, feelings, and experiences of the season that are most meaningful to us. It is also incredibly easy to say yes to all the things and then midway through we find ourselves completely overwhelmed, in tears, and disconnected from this project altogether. This year can be different though, and I invite you to think about your five senses: your hearing, your sense of taste, your eyes, your sense of touch, and your sense of smell.

The holidays are definitely a sensory experience, with all the sights and sounds, the lights, the flavors, and we want to take it all in! But the question becomes: what are your personal needs and how can you meet those needs, at this time, throughout the holiday season? How can we fill our precious days with activities and events and moments that fill our cup and then allow us to document that cup filled? That means really sitting down and thinking about what your needs are at this time in your life, what do you need from the season, what do you need from your craft, what do you need from this project so that you are satisfied and cared for, rather than feeling anxious, depressed and overwhelmed?

Larkindesign Welcome To December Daily 2019!!!

So as you write your Reason Why this year, think about what you need to bring into your life this season, what vibe, what energy, what experiences, what scents, what tastes, what sights, what music, what smells you need in your life right now and go out and make it happen. I look forward to see how you live your holiday this year and hope you will share your pages, albums, and projects in our community as well! I will be sharing my process for December Daily 2019 from here on out until the New Year, stay tuned!