Project Life 2018 | How To Get Back Into the Swing of Things!!!!

Hello Lovelies, this is a continuation of my 2018 Project Life album series, in which I am documenting my current year through photos, stories, and pocket pages. You can follow this journey through this link here, where all the posts, photos, and videos for this project can be found.

After a bit of a documenting break I am ready to jump back into my weekly documenting! Project Life has been such a successful system for me for quite a few years now, and it has been so much fun sharing these albums and layouts with you! So let’s get ready to dive back in.

Larkindesign Catching Up On Project Life


Figuring out how to get back into your album process can feel awkward and perhaps a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step in jumping back in is always to assess what you have accomplished already. This can actually be a fun part of your process, because it allows you to go back and look at your album wherever it is right now and remember those wonderful moments you have documented.

The key is to look at the album without judgement or guilt or pressure. In order to move forward we always have to assess what has already been accomplished. So take a few moments to go through your album and pat yourself on the back! If you only have one layout done, congratulate yourself! That is awesome. If you have three months done, well, you are ahead of me. That is awesome. Wherever you are, give yourself these few moments. You deserve to feel accomplished in your craft!

Once you have assessed what is complete, then we are ready to dive in. I went through my 2018 album and took a few notes as I went along. Mainly I did that because I had a few weeks that I had skipped and I wanted to be sure to include those in my project list. I prepared a short video of my 2018 Album Walk Through, which you can see here.


After this walk through and assessment, we are ready to proceed onto the next step. Stay tuned and I will share our next step with you next week, and you can also learn more by signing up for my mini e-mail course called Three Best Tips for Getting Layouts Done! See you again soon! Also, I invite you to join our brand new Hybrid Scrappers Facebook group, where we will also be chatting about getting back into our albums!

xoxo Theresa