Project Life 2018 Full Album Flip Through

Larkindesign Project Life 2019 Full Album Flip Through


Hello Lovelies! Today is such an exciting day because today I get to share a finished album with you!!! Pop the cork, throw the confetti, 2018 is DONE! Hooray! I always love to share a completed album because it is so much fun to celebrate an accomplishment like this, but most importantly I hope you are so inspired to keep going and to finish your albums too. There is a shift going on in the community right now, and also here in our family and the way I am doing our family albums. This past year we saw the future of Project Life almost come to an abrupt halt, and that means adapting. So right now is the best time to create solid plans for completing your albums.



Our mission at Larkindesign is to help you set and achieve those goals, and here are several ways you can access our resources.

  1.  Sign up for the In My Pocket Memory Keeping Classes! There are two pocket page classes that share all my tips and tricks that I have learned from eight years, six completed (!) of doing Project Life. With a crazy busy family of four children, plus managing a business, my crafty time is short. But I have a great system and have shared all of it with you in the classroom! You can also see more about my 2018 album in these classes as far as how I approached this project in the beginning and how I pull everything all together. Join us!
  2.  See the other layouts and process videos from this album via the complete 2018 Project Life category. You will learn tons about how I create my layouts week and week, month after month, which supplies I love to use, and follow the entire process, start to finish!
  3.  Stay tuned, because I will be starting 2020 very soon AND I will be finishing up 2019 as well. Follow our blog and hang out with us every week to see all the fun!


Thank you so much for being part of the Larkindesign family and for supporting me as I share my work online. I am so delighted you are here and so thankful for this inspiring community that encourages each other. Our work as memory keepers is so important! See you again soon!