Project Life 2016 Album Transition, Update, and Printing!!!

Hi guys! I am diverting from my normal process video in my Project Life album because it is time to transition into a new album for this year. This is the first year I have reached capacity in an album before the year is over (actually at the half-way mark!) but I find that to be a great problem to have. Here is a little chat video I made just to give an update where I am:

I don’t really have many photos to post on this day, and I promise next week I will get back to my processes so I can complete the pages I showed you in my video. I think it is important to talk about more than just creating pages in our scrapbook-worlds. Sometimes we do just sit down and make a layout simply for the sake of creating a layout, and I think when that happens it is awesome! I tend, however, to be more project-based, so my layouts always exist within a larger context – the album those layouts live in.

Project Life 2016 Album Transition

It is important to me, as I share in my blog, how my layouts come about not only by creating layouts, but also by showing what it takes to get to the place of creating those layouts. Planning, product choice, printing, all of these things are a part of what we do every day, some days without realizing it. Some days those peripheral things stop us from moving forward, too.

Project Life 2016 Album Transition

It is my hope, on my blog and my YouTube channel, that you are getting to see my process as a whole. That you are seeing how I approach each project from start to finish, even then there are no specific layouts being created. Even the part where we make a decision to call an album complete and start a new one. Even the part where we receive our beautiful shipment of prints. Even the part where we start to think about how we want to complete the next album.

Project Life 2016 Album Transition

I hope you enjoy seeing these parts of the process too. Yes, layouts are awesome and fun and they are the reason we do this! They are also individual pieces to a completed project, and my hope is to get you from individual layouts all the way to completed albums. I’m so glad we are doing this work. Thanks for sharing my journey!