TBT 2014 Project Life Album Introduction and Organization!

Hi guys, today I am beginning my 2014 Project Life album and I decided to video a walk-thru so you can see how the album is right now, which is basically a hot mess. Have a look:

I’m just going to make today’s post short and sweet because I plan to do close-up photos and share my strategy here as I begin the process. Today I really wanted you to get a feel for the album itself and how it is basically divided into three parts: completed pages, pages with photos and dates + journaling cards and some with just photos and dates, and then the last half of the year is absolutely nothing. What you will see here on the blog for about the next 11 -12 weeks is process videos for completing the layouts about our house construction.

So stay tuned and I will see you back next Thursday for the first 2014 process video!