Light The Path Design Team Maribeth Lysen | March People, Places, Things

This month’s lesson on People, places, things, couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve spent the past month or so leaning into things that will make me feel better and being mindful of what those things are specifically. What helps when I’m feeling down, down, down? There are a few things, I think most of us know help: getting a good nights sleep, exercising, staying hydrated, eating healthy, making art, limiting stress. But sometimes when life gets really hard, and I’m in that downward spiral, it’s difficult to do any of those things and all I want to eat is a cake pop and take a nap. 

So I focus on the things I can do with very little energy: making a cup of tea, snuggling with my husband, taking a bath, sitting outside on my back patio. Those are things that are accessible to me when bigger things like exercise and choosing to eat a salad for lunch feel far, far out of reach. Taking time to appreciate some of my favorite people, places (even if I can’t visit them yet) and things is another good reminder during those hard days. 

For this month’s lesson, I used the journaling cards to fill in each prompt. I picked my two favorite filler cards from the beautiful collection by Meagan Johnson, the rainbow stripe and the this delightful floral to round out my paper needs. 

For the opposite side, I listed out my 10 current favorite things. Doing 10 things every month as a 9×12 layout is something I’m doing for each month this year. It’s been a fun project and helps me connect to the things I’m loving in any given month. It’s also fun to see the changes over time in what I’m loving and what stays month after month. I incorporated a few physical supplies from stash including Lawn Fawn, older Paige Evans collections, ands some letter stickers from Felicity Jane. 

I hope you all have a wonderful month!


Maribeth Lysen

Light The Path Design Team Member Maribeth Lysen