Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | March 2021 Home

Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | March 2021 Home


Hey everyone! It’s Ashley here with another spread from my Light the Path workshop album. Today I am sharing the March prompts about People, Places and Things that bring me comfort and joy. The digital kit from The Practical Scrapper Meagan Johnson is adorable and I love working with it. I feel like I say this every month, but it is true. We have such amazing designers each month!

A big source of comfort and joy for me is the feeling of being “at home”. My spouse’s job is not a conventional 9 to 5 job. It has taken us far from our families and my husband is often away from our physical home. While I love our house, many times, being “at home” is more about the people I am with instead of a specific location. This spread documents my idea of home.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger March Home Spread

Each month, I start with my art journal. This month, I made two pages inspired by and using the kit (the other is viewable in the workshop). I really love the colors and folk flowers included. The first step for me was playing with watercolors that matched the color scheme. With all my art journal pages, I focus more on creating instead of specific or proper techniques. The result this time was a background that reminds me a bit of a tie dye using all the colors we regularly see where we live. It is not perfect but I love it.

To keep most of the background showing, I went with minimal embellishments. First, is a clear plastic house shape. Then I added the black and white florals from the kit which I printed in several different sizes. Next, I used my water brush to write “home”. Underneath, I added a few lyrics from one of my favorite songs.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger March Home Pocket Page

On the right side is a pocket page with two 3×4 pockets on top and a 4×6 on bottom. To the upper right pocket, I added an additional 3×4. I cut it from an old 12×12 page protector and attached it with red line tape and covered the adhesive with one of the digital washi tapes. The photos are sunset from our backyard and from a camping trip, and a photo of the fire pit at a friend’s home before we started Social Distancing. These photos were chosen because they represent moments of joy!

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger March Home Pocket Cards

For the journaling card in the lower right, I added one of the large floral circles and the “My Happy Place” banner as embellishments. The journaling focuses on home being a safe space that is more than just a physical place. In the added pocket I used a 3×4 patterned card with one of labels for journaling about people where we live that bring me joy. I finished this page with the 3×4 in the upper left pocket. First I spelled out “Home is” and then added the plus signs, and hand wrote “the” beside each one to reenforce the idea that home is all three of these things. Then embellished with one of the flower stickers.Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger March Insert

The last element of this spread is a small insert between the art journal and pocket pages. For me, it is easy to be a bit of a hermit and hide out at our house. While at home is safe, easy, and comforting, it is not always the best for me to stay there. One thing I am working on in my healing journey is expanding my bounds and not being stuck where I am. This is something I am working through in my counseling. As a reminder of my own personal need to grow, I wrote myself a letter.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger March Insert

For this, I printed out two of the large patterned cards at 4×6 and one of the lined journaling cards a bit smaller. Then I added the journaling card on top of the black gingham card and wrote my journaling. Next, I added a 3×4 photo to the floral card. Lastly, I embellished the photo with a few of the florals and the “Seeking Joy” banner and then added it to the album with another piece of the printable washi.

May these pages be an inspiration to you and encourage you to document your own path! See you again soon!

Light The Path Design Team Member Ashley Krueger