Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | February 2021 Senses

Light The Path Design Team Ashley Krueger | February 2021 Senses


Hi friends and welcome to February in Light the Path. Ashley, here, and if I’m being honest, this month was a tough one for me to work through and document. A big piece of my healing journey is working through my sensory memories without numbing them and then letting them go. This month’s prompts definitely went hand in hand with that process and Traci Reed’s beautiful kit was great complement to those prompts. If you’d like to see more ways the design team is working with this workshop, check this link here: Light The Path Design Team.

Photographs as a grounding tool:

My scrapbooking page started with the photos. For the photography prompt, I chose to take pictures that highlighted a specific feature but also captured more than one sense at the same time. Then, I used my full face photo to make a more traditional style layout about sensory overload and my memories tied to specific senses.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger February 2021 Five Senses

Supplies as creative expression:

The base of this layout is a cardstock insert from my Simple Stories album. The front side has my art journaling for the month. I really liked the busyness of the little dots. It reminds me a lot of how my brain sometimes feels when my senses are overworking. First, I used some layering to help set the photo apart from the background paper. Directly under the photo is a journal card from the digital kit. Next, there is a glassine bag. Under all of them is a small length of the washi, also from the digital kit.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger February 2021 Five Senses

Then I used one of the tags from the embellishments for my journaling. It has the same diagonal stripe as the washi under the photo. My journaling focused on where I have been and the sensory overwhelm I often feel, and my intentions moving forward.

Embellishments that pop:

The layout was finished with two clusters of embellishments. Along the edge of the tag I added heart die cuts. Some under the photo and some over it. In the top right, I added a circular die cut and two flags. One is a simple heart and the other says “Focus on your senses”. Lastly, to tie this photo in with the rest of the photos, I tucked one of the labels under and wrote “seeing”.

Light The Path 2021 Design Team Ashley Krueger February 2021 Five Senses

On the other photos I added labels with each of the senses. Those labels were made by cutting apart a 3×4 card from the digital kit. I wrote tasting, touching, and hearing on those labels. While there are five senses, I focused on the four I struggle with the most. I paired those with another journaling card and quote cards from the digital kit.

Create, Heal, and Grow:

I am really thankful for this push to go further into my sensory memories. The quote cards Traci Reed included were a great reminder to experience the senses without numbing them or becoming overwhelmed by them. It is a process and something I am continuously working on. Even though this month’s theme was hard for me, I am really happy with these pages. If you are interested in seeing more of the process, I do have a process video up on my YouTube channel. Thanks for checking out my pages and I look forward to sharing with you next month!

Light The Path Design Team Member Ashley Krueger



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