Larkindecember | December Daily 2017 Album Day 05!!

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing my really quick process for completing Day 05 in my 2017 December Daily album. By now you know that I love having my foundation pages fairly well completed so that on the actual day of December all I have to do is print photos and create my journaling. Today is just that sort of day, have a look!

This is how Day 05 looked at the start:

Larkindecember | December Daily Album Day 05!!

My story for Day 05 is very simple and continues from Day 04: the front of our house decorated and lit up for the holidays! We added new lights this year – the white LED lights that swirl around and around. We placed them so they only shine around in the portico of the door, so it’s very intimate and snowy when you stand on our front porch!

Larkindecember | December Daily Album Day 05!!

I changed out one of the journal cards, but notice how I took inspiration from the discarded card to embellish my photo. All cards and embellishments are from Sahlin Studio Making Spirits Bright (link opens in a new window).

Larkindecember | December Daily Album Day 05!!

The tags are also from Making Spirits Bright and I have simply added them to the album binding with my red velvet ribbon. Very simple journaling right on the back and that is all this layout needed.

Thank you for joining me today! See you tomorrow!