Kids Albums Project Episode 01 | Where to Begin?!

Hi guys! Today I am sharing a little bit of my process for working with our kids’ albums and how we are organizing all their photos, memorabilia, and ultimately the albums they will each take with them when they have their own home one day! This will be an on-going project with lots of steps and hopefully lots of helpful videos for you so I hope you will stay tuned!!!

In today’s video I am working with Nick and Natalie’s albums that I created years ago. I began scrapbooking in 2003 and these are the layouts and albums I created up until about 2012 specifically for Nick and Natalie. These were created before I began Project Life and before pocket pages, back when I had a whole different way of memory keeping! The layouts were in various order, in different albums and not really organized well at all, so I pulled them all out. In this video I share some of my thoughts during that process.

As we are just beginning this gigantic project, a few things begin to jump out at me, and for today I just wanted to share one thing in particular. You heard me mention this in the video and I think it bears repeating. One of my main strategies to help us get through this project for four kids is to always remember that we each experience life differently and even when we share the same experiences, every person’s memory of that time may be different. What does that mean and how does that impact our children’s albums?

This means that every child will have their own unique collection of albums! Every album is different and every kiddo is so unique and that means trying to create the same layouts or the same albums for all four, or even for two, would be impossible. I hope this strategy will free us up to include the memories for each child that are truly relevant and meaningful to them, not just random collections of the same photos and layouts.

These albums are our love letters to each of them, and I hope they feel the love when they look through them years from now. I hope you will enjoy following along with us on this journey. I anticipate it will be a long journey, and this is only the beginning!

See you again soon!