IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal Page

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal Page
Typically, when I am creating an art journaling page, I draw inspiration from the feelings or emotions. This time, I was inspired by the color palette and butterflies in the Paper Hum Co. Rising Up journal card collection. I don’t often use yellows and oranges but once I saw this collection, an idea came into my head and I had to try it.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal PageFirst, was making the butterfly. Using watercolor and acrylic craft paints, and watercolor paper, I created a background paper with similar colors as the card collection. Then, using a butterfly clip Art as a template, I cut the paper into wings. To give definition to the wings, I used a black Stabilo water soluble pencil to sketch out the cells. For the body and antennae, I used scraps from the paper used for the wings and then sponged black paint over top. Lastly, I lightly sprayed the whole butterfly with water to activate the pencil.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal PageNext, I used a couple different stencils and inks to start building the base of the journal pages. I started with a stencil that reminded me of the wing cells. Then added a stencil that resembled the daisy like flowers from the journal cards. Once I finished stamping, I started added little groupings of flowers in marker and paint. Then I wrote out the quote before adding the butterfly onto the page.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal PageLastly, I started building two embellishment/ephemera clusters. The first on the left hand side of the page. I layered the butterfly and floral patterned cards from the Rising Up card collection with old book paper, washi tape and other bits and pieces from my stash. On top, I added a journal card that I made using two cards from the collection. I layered them digitally before printing them out.

On the right hand side, I focused on repeating some of the same elements. I started with the green butterfly patterned card from the collection and added a few more pieces from my stash. Instead of adding another pieces of the full floral journal card, I decided to fussy cut out one of the daisies from the paper scrap.

IMP Design Team Ashley Krueger | Hurry Art Journal PageI loved the way the fussy cut scrap daisy looked so I decided to add a few butterflies in a similar manner to the left hand side. To finish the page up, I used a label from my stash to add the prompt title.

I had so much fun using the Paper Hum Rising Up card collection in a way that was outside the pocket. Thanks for following along and I hope you are inspired to use some of your journal cards in new ways!