IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | We are not Ride People

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | Not Rides 1

Hi all! I’m Jill and I’m not really into rides. There, I said it! But you know what? You don’t need to be into rides to have fun with the IMP Theme Parks Volume 3 Digitals. The designs are bright, sunny and celebration perfect!

I decided to tell a story about a tradition Chip and I started in the winter of 2019. We wanted a break during our long Minnesota winter and needed to stay close to home because I was helping my Dad. We live near the Mall of America (it’s actually our nearest shopping mall) so we decided to make it a long weekend staycation. To our surprise, this is something we both had on our bucket lists, but we’d never talked about it. We stayed at two hotels, enjoyed great meals, shopped til we dropped and decided to ride some rides at Nickelodean Universe (if you’re a native you still call it Camp Snoopy – ha!).

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | Not Rides 2

Here’s what we learned. We love this winter staycation thing and we continue to make it happen. Also, we are no longer rides people. Our first ride was something called the Mutant Masher and I thought I was dying while riding it. I could hear Chip yelling in agony next to me. The deal at the Mall of America is that while there is a theme park in the middle of it, it’s really not that large to allow for rides compared to outdoor parks. Individual rides tend to pack in a lot of motions, the Mutant Masher among them. From the ground it looked like fun…but Chip’s face above shows exactly how we felt when we walked stumbled off of it to sit on a bench for a while. The fireworks and wavy rainbow cards are perfect graphics for our experiences.

IMP Blog Team Jill Kane | Not Rides 3

We had ride points to use, so we soldiered on and our choices became progressively more tame. Swing chairs, ferris wheel and a tiny merry-go-round. In fact, we were almost too big for the merry-go-round. But I snapped this blurry photo and it’s still one of my most favorite photos of us. Despite the Mutant Masher, we had fun during this part of our adventure. I designed the left page with Canva, making a grid page and adding the slightly enlarged 4×6 Hello Fun card above the photo, making the white journaling area look like a tab above the photo. This entire spread came together super quick via Canva. A few chipboard from Ali Edwards provide some dimension and tie together colors from the cards. This is the first time that I’ve scrapped this favorite photo of us and I’ll admit, I never thought I’d use it to tell the story of how we really don’t like rides. That’s what’s so awesome about scrapbooking. Photos can tell many stories. Embellishments help to coax those stories out. We had a fun adventure and that’s what I want to remember.