Documenting December In A Traveler’s Notebook | Creating the Notebooks

Hello Lovelies!!! Today I am publishing TWO videos to talk about how I am assembling the notebooks for my December Daily album! In this first video I talk about how I chose the papers that make up the actual notebooks and how they are stacked together. You can see the first video here.

Hopefully the above video showed how I chose the papers and individual papers for my notebooks. I created a formula for the notebooks that consisted of the following:

  • transparency or vellum cover
  • inside patterned paper
  • pocket page (made by me)
  • mixed media page (Canson brand)
  • vellum or transparency
  • patterned paper
  • mixed media page (in two of them I left this page out)

There are four notebooks altogether, which gives me tons of space to add photos, journaling, and all the pretty things I love to add each year. I don’t think I will actually use all four, and that is ok too. Look how full the notebook is already.

I really love seeing all the pages put together. In my second video you can see how I bound them.

I decided to sew these notebooks using twine and tapestry needles that have a large enough head to feed twine through. This was actually really fun and satisfying to see them come together!

I will add a little more here and there in the next few days and then plan to do a full walk through video of all the notebooks, so stay tuned for that near the end of November!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I am so excited for December to begin, and with this big chunk completed I feel ready! See you again soon!


December Daily is an album concept designed and marketed by Ali Edwards. You can learn more about the project and connect with others who are passionate about it at her website here.