Disney Album Final Flip-Thru!!!!

Yay my Disney album is finally completed and I am delighted to just quickly share the flip-thru video with you today.

Thank you so much for following me and for encouraging me along the way! This album has been an absolute joy to work on, in spite of my original overwhelm. It has also brought some really wonderful opportunities with Sahlin Studio and I encourage you to follow along on that blog, particularly if you are a Disney/Project Mouse fan!!!!!

For now I will be resting on Wednesdays and using that time to produce my December album and prepare for that journey. I also am planning a new travel album that will fill my Wednesday time slot after the New Year, and I am already so excited to begin that project. It will probably be a similar format as the Disney album, in Project Life pocket pages and embellished in my usual fun way! So stay with me, there are so many awesome things coming and I wish I could just share them all with you all at once. But first I gotta get some work done. Ha.

See you soon,