December Daily 2020 Ways To Use Ali Edwards Templates In Hybrid Layouts

December Daily 2020 Ways To Use Ali Edwards Templates In Hybrid Layouts


Hi friends and welcome back to December Daily 2020! This year is going to be different in some ways for all of us, and I am trying to figure out ways to accommodate those differences in my album. One thing I really want to draw more focus on is the STILLNESS, and from that stillness to take opportunities to journal more often. I was inspired by the Becky Higgins editorial templates she released this year for the Project Life App, and I had some of the Ali Edwards templates in my collection already, so my plan is to use those in my album this year. I’d like to use these templates as the basis for hybrid pages that will hold space for the journaling, while still mixing in physical pages that allow me to use up my favorite supplies. This year will be a 6×8 album for me with hybrid pages and physical pages, and I am so excited to begin! Today I want to share a video with lots of ways you can use the Ali Edwards templates, so follow along! If you’d like to see other videos in this series, click this link here: Theresa Moxley December Daily 2020.






I want to provide helpful links for you as well, so here are links to many of the products mentioned in the video:

Ali Edwards 2019 Digital Layered Template Pack

Ali Edwards 2018 6×8 Layered Templates

Ali Edwards 6×8 Layered Templates Vol. 04

Ali Edwards December Stories Layered Template Pack Vol. 02

Ali Edwards December Stories Layered Templates


Interestingly enough, this video tutorial was filmed before Ali shared her Foundation Pages, and I was absolutely inspired by her pages and by the incredible ideas included in the Product Play 4 class! My foundation pages have been out of the page protector in a lot of ways, so it will be interesting to see how I combine those pages with these templates. I did make a point while creating those pages to make space. Real estate for words + photos. I am so excited to begin the month of December! I will be sharing my December Daily pages on Wednesdays and Saturdays this year, so be sure to check back in to see how this album comes together! Thank you so much for being here and for supporting me on this incredible holiday project! See you again soon.