{December Daily 2016} Creating the Page Protectors

Hi there! So today will be short and sweet because it’s my birthday! Yay! But I did want to keep moving forward with my process for creating my December Daily this year. Today’s video is about how I created my page protectors for my 6×12 album, but really it should be titled A Really Detailed Video on How to use Your Fuse Tool. Ha! So have a look, if you are interested!

I did want to include a note here and the Pinnable image I created, that shows the different options of page protectors that I created for myself.

Design Options for 6x12 Page Protectors

My goal of course, in creating these page protectors, is to allow myself options in the month of December. I will be placing the page protectors into the album so I can plan for the days, but I also know that there will be days that I might want to change the design or add another page protector into the album so I can accommodate the photos and stories I am wanting to tell. This is part of what makes the December Daily process work so well!

Also, here is one more sneak from inside the album, in case you came here through the Main Page and did not see the image above:

{December Daily 2016} Creating the Page Protectors


Ok, my next video I will be working with transparency dividers, and I am really excited to show you those. I have always loved using transparencies in my December Daily albums, and am really happy to include them this year as well. I hope to bring you that video tomorrow! See you then!