December Daily 2015 Day 10 In Which I Decide to Change Up Day 9

Ok welcome back and I’m so happy you are following along this crazy month with me! I have Day 10 to share today, but before I share I want you to know that Day 10 does not end here. In fact, tomorrow I will share more of Day 10 with you. First take a look at the process video that shows where Day 10 is at right now!

Ok, so I went to bed last night pretty happy with Day 10 as it is right here:

December Daily 2015 Day 10

And I woke up this morning, with fresh eyes and a little bit of sleep, and realized how jumbled up that left hand side is.

Here is the layout with a white piece of paper added to help:

December Daily 2015 Day 10

And here is what happened with Day 9 after adding all that for Day 10:

December Daily 2015 Day 10

Here’s the thing: this would be ok if I left it just like this. It would be one of those things I might tell myself to never do again. Ha. It might be one of those things where I said, ok, not my best but I gotta keep on keeping on. And that would be totally ok!!!! But I knew when I woke up feeling worse about it, that perhaps I should do something about it.

So I’m going to leave you with a little cliff-hanger today. I thought about what my options were – one option would be to completely remove that transparency and start all over again. That option didn’t make me happy, because I love that transparency and I love the Be Awesome words and I love the photo frame on Day 10 and there were just too many things I really liked about it!

So option two might be to lift up the Be Awesome words and add a piece of white paper, or a piece of subtle white patterned paper to create some separation between the two days.

Or, option 3, perhaps to pull out the magic gesso.

Which one will I decide on? Check back tomorrow and I’ll share! Now go, do, and create!

See you soon,


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The little red label I ordered from Pretty Little Studio. I highly recommend her products and hope you will visit her lovely shop here.

The chair gift enclosure and the chair border strip and the chair tag are all paper products I purchased at the Reynolda House gift shop. They are however, privately branded as such: (please consider yourself warned that these are enabler sites you will want to order everything from…..)

Chair Coasters

Chair gift enclosure

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