December Daily Day 7!

Hi there, welcome back for Day 7 in my December Daily. So our Christmas decorations are still in their boxes, waiting to be put out. The tree is still waiting to be decorated. But when we got the boxes down with all the Christmas stuff in them, one little girl in our house was anxious to be reunited with her favorite thing related to the season – her little stuffed Hallmark Christmas tree. I’ve documented her love affair with this stuffed tree in previous December Dailies, and will continue to include it as long as she still gets excited about seeing it. This is one layout I created in my 2009 album:

December Daily 2009

And then later I created this layout, in 2013:

December Daily 2013

So when she came home and found the stuffed tree, and wrapped her arms around it like it was her long-lost friend, I had to photograph it and record it in December Daily. Here is Day 7 as it was created for the foundation pages:

December Daily 2015 Day 7

Because I added a vellum/photo insert for Day 6, I was working with the back of that. I added a 6×4 photo:

December Daily 2015 Day 7

This is the left hand side, showing the photo layered on top of the back of Day 6, along with a star vellum from Pretty Little Studio, gold doily, and a gold rimmed tag. I also added a big pink plastic bow from Dear Lizzy, although it’s a little hard to see!

December Daily 2015 Day 7

For the other side I simply added a title with the gold letters, and the journaling onto the 3×4 cards I had chosen already.

December Daily 2015 Day 7

This is a great way to highlight a yearly tradition in your albums each year. With children especially, you can see the growth throughout the years, but even when the tradition is for adults, each year is a unique story in and of itself.

December Daily 2015 Day 7

For the embellishment cluster you see here, I simply layered doily, the circle tag from Pretty Little Studio, the pink ribbon, and metal rimmed tag all together. The metal rimmed tag has a 1″ circle from a star vellum layered on top. 

December Daily 2015 Day 7

On the title card, I chose some gold letters from Dear Lizzy that, in hindsight, are probably just a little too tall for this card. But when creating December Daily, it’s important to just go with decisions you made, not overthink, and make it work. So that is what I did:

December Daily 2015 Day 7

(And yes, that photo is completely blurry – I had no idea how much I relied on Autofocus until it was taken away from me! Now learning Manual focus is challenging me. Crazy, huh?)

December Daily 2015 Day 7

So that is my Day 7. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Day 8. And please, make sure you go, do, and create this December!

See you soon,


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