Client Project | Mares Wedding Album!

Hi guys, so I had the honor of creating a very special album for a client and today I want to show it to you! This is a photo-heavy post so grab a cuppa’ something and settle in. First have a look at my flip-through video I made, of the album itself, and then come back so I can tell you the whole back story!

Isn’t Kris a beautiful bride?! Kris approached me to create this album for her and her husband’s 11th wedding anniversary. Of course I said Yes, please! and we set about the work of conceptualizing and carrying out this plan. I truly believe this was a joined effort because it is Kris’ stories and my work with paper and glue that brought this album together. Because there are 20 layouts, I decided to create a gallery for you to see each layout. You can click on any layout you wish to see up close, and it will open in a Lightbox for you.

One of the things I love most about scrapbooking is the concept of telling a story. Anyone can put photos in a photo album, and those are so very important too, don’t get me wrong! But the photos come alive when we tell the stories that are attached to those photos!

Mares Wedding Album

Here is one example of how Kris added her own journaling to these pages.

Mares Wedding Album

Even looking at the gallery, these are beautiful pages but they are missing the stories – the Who, What, Where, When, and Why. It didn’t take much time at all with Kris to learn what the important stories of their wedding day were: how her son wanted to help throw flower petals and take Communion; how it was Grandma Spohr’s birthday that day; so many wonderful, special things that happened that day. My job as a memory-keeper is to not only provide the homes for the photographs on the page, but also to provide homes for the stories that those photos tell.

Mares Wedding Album

This makes me so happy – when I handed this album over to its rightful owner, I encouraged Kris to go back and add her wonderful stories. I had made space for the stories behind these photos and hoped she would write unafraid.

Mares Wedding Album

She did just that! She also sent me her pictures of what she had done to the album. The photos with journaling are hers, I must give proper credit. It makes me so happy to see her handwriting and her stories that make this album complete.

Mares Wedding Album

Here she included words from their song, Broken Road by Rascal Flats. So simple and so beautiful!


Everything about this project and this album makes me so happy! It makes me so happy to be able to share my passion – creating albums using photos + stories – with others and to see these come to life. It makes me so happy to create, using these beautiful papers and embellishments. It makes me so happy to receive a whole batch of photos, and one by one, begin to make a home for this story. It makes me so happy that Bill and Kris will have this album for so many years to enjoy and remember. This album is a story spark for their whole family and every time they open it, more stories will be told!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I will see you on Monday with a new art journal layout!