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Neftali Zambrano



Larkindesign Creative Team Neftali Zambrano
Hello there, it’s Neftali here! Some of you may also know me as All the Neffyness throughout social media.

I am truly honored to be part of the brand new Larkindesign Creative Team and get crafty with the amazing hybrid products designed by Theresa Moxley.

But before we get to fun of scrapping, I’d love to tell you a little bit more about myself and what I love about scrapbooking…

I have been a dedicated scrapbooker for almost three years now, but I can say that I have been in love with paper crafting since I was 16 years old. It all started when an older friend from church introduced me to “scrapbooking”. I was hooked instantaneously!

It took me a couple of years to figure out exactly where I was comfortable and what niche was exactly for me, but I think I’ve got it down pretty well now and I love to share it all with fellow scrappers.

Every moment after my son was born was so special to me, that I knew I had to take a more intentional approach to keepsake my family’s memories. I couldn’t let all these beautiful moments and memories drift away into an endless list of photographs inside my phone. I was ready to scrap it all, and that is where All The Neffyness, my crafty name, began. My motto and main goal for this new journey of mine was to LIVE, LOVE, and CRAFT.

However, I also felt like I wanted to share what I was creating as a form of inspiration to others. Especially for those who might feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed as to where to begin or what to make. I felt I was being pulled in the direction of sharing inspiration because I have been there, done that, and now I can help you!

I have been sharing crafty inspiration on Instagram, YouTube and my Blog,, for about two and half years now.

I really hope to be able to inspire you all with the many amazing products and classes curated by our awesome boss lady, Theresa Moxley, throughout 2018. I am also taking these hybrid products as a new approach to my memory keeping and I’m excited to see where this new road takes me.

I hope you’re as excited as we all are here at Larkindesign, so please stick around!

If you guys are interested in finding me around the net, you can easily find me on most Social Media platforms by searching All The Neffyness. I hope you follow me along so that you can keep up with all the amazing stuff we’re working up here on Larkindesign.