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Hannah Lemieux

Larkindesign Creative Team Member Hannah LemieuxAloha!!

My name is Hannah. I am a mother, an army wife, a coffee enthusiast, Hawaii admirer, color lover and ancestry history researcher. I started scrapbooking about three years when I wanted to put together a Make-A-Wish vacation album together and I fell in love with this art of sharing stories and mixing it with pretty pattern paper and really cool embellishments.

I really love how when I sit at my scrapbooking desk I can be me, just plain old Hannah. I can pick, colors, patterns, and embellishments that help tell these stories of my life, my kid’s, and my surroundings all through my eyes.

When looking at my work, I hope you my love of life, joy and that there are many perspectives in any story you tell. I love to play, so I often choose to reach for my art supplies and try to use different techniques to help build this story I am telling. Because pictures and words can’t always tell everything. Emotion and feeling are a huge part of my life’s story so I want to share that in an unique way. I also love layers, whether it’s paper layers, embellishment layers or layers in the actual details of my scrapbooking stories, I often use layers.

Photography has become really important to me as I have started to scrapbook. I don’t need to use perfect photos, but I need to use photos that focus on what I think matters in my life. I really try to help others find this focus for them. Whether thats tips for photo taking or whether it’s learning new ways to see your own pictures and pull out stories you have hidden.

I really look forward to get getting to know all you readers. I look forward to challenging you and inspiring you to tell the stories in your life that really matter to you.

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