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Light The Path | A Healing Project For Creatives


Coming soon:

A new healing resource for survivors who are looking to express themselves creatively along their path to recovery. Art, photography, and scrapbooking are incredible tools that survivors can use any time in their journey of healing. These tools serve as meditation practice, grounding practice, and help survivors feel validated and affirmed while doing the hard work of recovery.

Light The Path is a project born out of my own personal healing practices and everything I have learned here at Larkindesign over the years of creating, sharing, and being part of a supportive community. This will be a year-long workshop designed specifically for survivors of grief, loss, childhood sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. Through this project my hope is that survivors will be able to connect with each other via shared creative interests. We will explore common themes that many survivors experience as a result of trauma, and will discover an amazing truth: everything we need to heal is already within us. We will practice the making of art, photos, and present in tangible form what this portion of recovery has looked like for us. We will document significant moments along the way, and will find unique ways to fall in love with our own unique, creative, survivor strong, authentic selves.

Let’s light the path together!

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