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Light The Path Design Team Information

The Light The Path calendar goes from the 20th to the 19th of each month, so each person will have one blog post within that time frame. 

The calendar here shows all the due dates related to Light The Path. The due dates that relate to you, our design team, are shown in burgundy, so feel free to toggle the others off. Your blog post dates will be assigned to you, but if you find your dates need to be changed, let myself or Maribeth know. We hope, however, that we are generous with our due dates and allow enough time for you to do your best work!

Hi everyone and welcome to the 2021 Light The Path Design Team!

I am so delighted to have you here and am looking forward to working with you throughout the year! Please be sure to check this page each month because it will be updated as needed and will give you the information you need. We appreciate your willingness to participate on this team and if you have any questions at all, let us know.

Please check back on this page each month before beginning your assignments as the updated due dates will be posted here, plus the kit + workbook links, and any other announcements that need to be shared!


The November prompt will be due October 28, 2021.

Our theme for November is Grief and Loss.


Our designer is Neftali Zambrano!

Welcome to our November prompt assignment. This month’s prompt is one more opportunity to acknowledge grief and loss in our lives, not only from death of loved ones, but also from relationships, experiences, expectations, and the way we imagined it would be. You can find the videos and content for this prompt located on the November 2020 Home Page. Be sure to check the calendar for your blog post days so you know when to promote your posts. Also, please remember to let us know when your post is finished so that we can get it scheduled. Your work as always is so very much appreciated, every month I am in awe of your layouts, your insights, and your gifts that you bring to us. Thank you!

Please be sure to tag our designers in your posts so they can see your gorgeous work!

The prompt information you will use is from Noveber 2020, which you can find on this page:

October 2020 Prompt Home Page

The design team calendar above will show you when your blog posts are scheduled to go live. They are scheduled for 10am EST Tuesdays and Fridays. Remember that one project will go on your blog post, and the other project will simply be uploaded to the Media Library for use in the workshop.

Be sure to email me or Maribeth to let us know when your blog post is completed!

You will then share your blog post project on social media. You can Pin images directly from the blog as that will make it easier for you. You can post sneaks from your other project (s) if you like, but not required.

Design team banner for your images here:

Password: ltp2021

Here are the requirements each month:

  1. Review the prompt videos from the 2020 LTP content. Don’t forget to download the workbook too!
  2. Create 2-3 layouts inspired by the prompts, using the product downloads for this year’s workshop.
  3. Write one blog post using one of the layouts you created.
  4. Upload all project images into the Media Gallery on this site.
  5. Promote and share your layouts on your social media accounts as follows: share (1) sneak image on or after the 10th of each month; share your blog post image on or after the day your post is published.

This design team may present another opportunity for you to support survivors who are participants in the workshop, our Light Bearers. When you post your images or share information about this workshop or you share your story or parts of your story, other folks may relate to your story. They may share with you bits and pieces of their story as they feel compelled. First and foremost, please honor their privacy and do not share things related to our team outside of the team. When folks share their story with you, your role is two-fold:

  • support – so listen and acknowledge their journey.
  • encourage – let them know they are on the right path. Encourage them to access materials in the workshop, and especially encourage them to practice art.

Remember that you are not a therapist, you are not a medical professional, and you are not able to provide medical advice. Your role is to support and encourage. If someone contacts you and you don’t know how to respond, let us know! We are happy to help!

Here is how you will submit your work each month:

You will be able to access the workshop prompts at any time, through the 2020 pages right here. The 2021 products will be delivered two months prior to publishing, to allow you a full month for creating. They will be made available for you to download on this page each month. You will receive an email each month letting you know when they are here.

Your images are due on or before the 20th of each month, one month prior to publishing. They should be cropped to 1800px wide, @300ppi. You will be able to add them to the Media Library on your left side bar. When you upload them, you will add titles to the Alt Text and Title lines, and your title should say this: Light The Path Your Name January 2021 Where We Are. One project will be used for your blog post (your choice), and the other(s) will be featured in the workshop as part of the inspiration content for our Light Bearers.

When you share your projects on your social media, provide links wherever possible to the workshop. Tag us @theresa_moxley, and use the following hashtags: #lightthepath #artheals #creativityheals #healingart #emotionalhealing and any others that you like. We prefer at least that you share your projects on Instagram, Pinterest, and acherryontop. com; also on your own blog and YouTube as you like.

Please be sure to Like and Comment on each other’s projects throughout the month! Share each other’s content because that boosts our posts and gets our content out to more people. Follow those hashtags so you can be notified of the LTP posts!

When you write your blog post, you will create a Draft post and will include all your verbage and photos in the post. We suggest at least 500 words, but the only person counting is Wordpress. Save your post as a Draft and we will take care of the rest of your post. It will be scheduled for an agreed upon date, and we will promote the blog post across our social media. When you create your write-up, be sure to share how the prompts inspired your creative work and also share any enlightening moments you had as a result of the workshop.

All blog posts and blog images, project images, design work are due on the 20th of each month. Your first assignment is for your Intro Post, which is due November 20. On that day you will receive your second assignment: the digital kit for January 2021, and you will use the January 2020 prompt to create your work. That assignment will be due on December 20, and then we will be on a continuing schedule for the year. You are welcome to create your blog posts and upload your images any time. If you need an extra day or two, just let me know. However, use caution because the months do tend to fly by quickly and we want you to have enough time to do your best work.

You will be creating your own blog posts under the Posts tab and uploading your images under the Media tab. 

When you are ready to upload and write your blog post:

  1. Go to the Media tab and upload your photos there. They should be 1800px wide, 300ppi, and should all have the Design Team Banner in a corner of your photo (you can choose which corner). When you upload your photos, your file should be named Light The Path 2021 Design Team Your Name January Theme.
  2. Click on Edit in the Media upload window, Add that title to both the Title and Alternative Text boxes.
  3. Click Update and do this for all the images in your upload. For the blog, you will want to include one photo from above of the entire project, and 2-3 supporting photos that show details and support your writing. For the workshop project(s), submit only two photos – one overhead photo showing the entire completed page, and one angled photo to show depth. If you are a digital designer, you may submit a detail of your layout along with the layout image itself.
  4. Go to Posts and click Add New Post.
  5. Create the title for your post. It should be: Light The Path Design Team Your Name | Title of your Project.
  6. In the introduction of your blog post, always include your name and a link to your Intro blog post so people can easily find you on social media.
  7. In the body of the post, add your photos and your words.
  8. When you place your photo, Click on Add Media and select your photo. It will place the photo in the post, and then click on the pencil and tell it to center the image.
  9. Once you have completed your post, click SAVE DRAFT. Do not hit publish!
  10. You will receive a signature image to add to the bottom of your posts as soon as everyone has submitted their headshots.
  11. Send me an email and let me know your blog post is finished! And that is it!

On the day your post goes Live:

  1. Please make a note in your calendar so you can share your images! I strongly encourage you to use a schedule app such as Later (it’s free!) so you won’t forget.
  2. At the top of your blog post I will be adding a Pinterest image. In your Pinterest account, please create a folder named Light The Path Creative Workshop and post the header image and the overhead image from your project. Please post both; Pinterest has a format for images that they like, and as you know we scrapbookers like our Pinned images of just the project itself! Always share directly from the blog, and include hashtags with your Pin.
  3. Please follow the other designers on Pinterest as well, and Pin their projects to your folder as well! When we Pin each others Pins it boosts the visibility dramatically!
  4. On or after your blog post goes Live, share your image on Instagram and other social media platforms that you belong to. If posting in galleries, please follow the guidelines of those boards. As mentioned already, be sure to follow other design team members, and follow the recommended hashtags. Like and Comment on each others Instagram posts so that we can boost the algorithms.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing and for supporting each other! We are our own best cheerleaders, and the more we get the word out, the more people will learn of this project.
  6. You will also see me promoting your blog posts and you are welcome to re-share, Like and Comment as well.

Make sure you also upload all your images for the workshop, not related to your blog post, at the same time. That way I can add those to the workshop page. Use the same title format for those images.

We respect your right to privacy and want your participation in the workshop to be a positive one for you. You are welcome to blur out any text in your images. Please use the boundaries that social media offers to keep yourself in good mental health (ie block and delete people who are not positive towards your work or the work of Light The Path). 

I also want to remind everyone that we create safe spaces for our Light Bearers so they can find healing. I do not tolerate bullying of any sort on any post that is on any of Light The Path or platforms. If you see bullying happening, please let me know immediately. Our Light Bearers deserve to know that we believe them and that we are supportive of them, and that we are committed to providing safe spaces for them and for you all as well. 

Thank you again so much for being on the team! Our work is dedicated to this mission: The path of healing is the path of self love. Let’s Light The Path together!