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IMP Vol 01 Process Videos Only | Lesson 05 Process Video 01

Ok, let’s take a look at the first process video for this week’s lesson!

Password: imp2017vol01


The stories for this week in early June are really about how much time we spent in our back yard that summer. I have mentioned before that many of these layouts are more representative of our lives, rather than detailed weekly layouts, and this is one of the things we spent a lot of time doing. I love these photos of all the kids hanging out together, playing with all the fun things, and enjoying the sunshine.


I always begin with my date card, and these days they are pretty straightforward. This card has a written sentiment and a little floral embellishment, and I simply added the dates and week using alphabet stickers and rolling date stamp. This card is almost always located in the upper left corner to keep consistent and help get layouts done quicker!


There are some many stories behind this trampoline! Our kids spent hours out there playing and learning, learning all about how to get along, how to share a tight space, how to take turns. They bounced up and down on that trampoline all day long, for many days, and I absolutely love it. They took balls up there, knocked each other off of it, you name it they did it!


My second journal card was really simple with just a basic graph pattern. My go to technique for journal cards is to embellish on opposite corners, and journal in between. It sounds so simple and possibly repetitive, but it really does make the job more simple and makes the album more cohesive. If you wanted, you could even add a little spray mist or watercolor splashes onto the card.


I love capturing these every day smiles – so much joy on their faces and proof. Proof you guys, that we didn’t torture them or anything like that (ha!) but in all seriousness, proof that they laughed and played and had so many great times together. And proof to this mama’s heart, that even though times can be rough, these smiles win the day.


For the right hand side I began with this very simple filler card. I have used my Gossamer Blue Traveler’s Notebook and Life Pages kits from May, June and July 2017 for this layout. Another note about supplies: as the months go by I tend to start blending the kits together, especially the ones that go in a certain season. These are very fitting for summer layouts, and the colors flow very well from month to month! This is one of the reasons I love my Gossamer Blue kits so much.


We also at the time had this four-wheeler, and Alan had his motorbike, and those were often brought into the backyard to do laps back there! I love the perspective here – the contrast in size between Alan’s motorbike and the four-wheeler.


This is the last 4×6 filler card for this layout. I loved these cross stitch hearts and of course the white space on the card. I embellished each heart very simply with chipboard or puffy sticker and called it done!


There is more to the photo of Alan and me as well – at the time we were deep in planning for the wedding and I was also taking Ali Edwards’ first 31 Things class. I took this little photo just playing around with the self timer and the photo ended up being used for our wedding shower. That is another story for another time, though. This layout is complete so let’s have a look at the next one!

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