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Lesson 10 | Typing Up Loose Ends

Hi guys and welcome to the final lesson of the In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class! In this lesson I am going to chat a little about my final step to completing an album, and one of the most important steps to feeling accomplished in our craft.

Password: imp2017vol01

Several years ago, when I began sharing my work online via YouTube, I realized how many albums I had and how many of those albums were not really completed. I had somewhere around 50 albums but only considered a handful of them finished! The main thing that bothered me was that if anyone reached to pull the albums off the shelf I cringed inside because I knew there were things missing, papers would fall out, and overall I felt a real hesitance about sharing my projects even with my family. So I set out to change that for myself, and this class represents how I have created a process for myself so that I can finish albums and feel confident when they are pulled off the shelf. I really want you to have that sense of accomplishment as well and I am so very happy you have joined me in this journey!

“Thank you for being a part of this class and for being a part of the amazing community we have! I love sharing my process with you and am delighted that you share this passion with me. I truly hope this class has helped you find inspiration and creativity and also a workable process. I want you to feel accomplished in your hobby, and I hope this class has helped in some way!”

Finalizing an album for me always means one last step: walking through the album to tie up any loose ends. Any of those pesky little details that I said during the process, “Oh I will just worry about that later;” now is the time to go back and finish those little things. Check your dates, finish your journaling where you left blank spots, reprint photos or secure little elements that might be falling off. This is an important step that makes the album feel finished, sort of like going over a final exam and double checking your work (except this is supposed to be fun!)

One thing I did not mention in the video, but has become ever so important in recent world events, is the idea of photographing or scanning your layouts so you have digital back-ups. And then back up your back up. There have been so many natural disasters this year (2017) and so many articles and photos of the survivors who lost everything, including their photo albums and scrapbooks. My heart aches for them. I have lost photos and albums, not from natural causes, and it is devastating. We can’t bring those back, but if you have digital photos or scans, you can at least print them off and keep them that way, or recreate them in some way if you wish. So now would be a great time to photograph your layouts. Create a backup plan that works for you automatically to preserve your memories.

For this lesson I will walk through my own 2012 album and will share with you my own process for finalizing this album. Have a look here.

Password: imp2017vol01

Thank you again, so much for being here and for supporting me in this class! Let’s take a look at the final process videos!