IMP Design Team Jill Kane | December Daily A-Z

IMP Design Team Jill Kane | Dec Daily A-Z 1

Hi all, Jill here! I’m still working on December Daily 2021, how about you? I was 100% inspired by Ashley Rodgers’ 2020 December Daily A-Z album that I decided to give it a try in 2021. Review: I’m loving the idea and how my album is taking shape!

There’s something about this approach that feels very old school scrapbooking to me. Like a scrapbook from way back when people literally were collecting scraps of paper from their days and pasting it down in a book. That’s not literally what I’m doing in this album but there’s something that feels freeing to me while also sparking my creativity that I’m enjoying. This is the first year in a long time that I’m not super amped up that I’m not finished as spring arrives in Minnesota. I know I’ll finish, I have a plan for all the letters and completing each letter feels fun to me.

IMP Design Team Jill Kane | December Daily A-Z 2

I’m completing the letter “F” with the help of Dunia Design’s Epic Collection. The colors are perfect along with some photos from a day of Christmas shopping. I want the holiday cheer from the photos to shine through on these pages because I was in such great need of experiencing cheer after contracting Covid at the end of November. Being well enough to get out and enjoy some holiday-ness and purchase some gifts was just what my spirit needed! These Fun and Magical cards were just the right accents I’ve needed to complete these pages.

To give you the complete view of capturing the letter “F,” I’ll also share the pages that start this section. I’ve used pieces from Felicity Jane and older Ali Edwards December daily products. I added in some collected papers from the day and ink stamped the back of the FaLaLa cut-out. Some have asked how I’m organizing my album. It’s ordered A-Z and I’m also including the date that inspired the content for the letter. In this case, it was December 11.

IMP Design Team Jill Kane | December Daily A-Z 3

IMP Design Team Jill Kane | December Daily A-Z 4

IMP Design Team Jill Kane | December Daily A-Z 5

A Top 5 list is always a good idea. I liked pairing just one card with 5 photos on this 4 pocket + 2 pocket spread. It’s simple and probably a no-brainer for many, but I’m not sure that I’ve looked at this page protector combination in this way in the past. I’m all about making grids work in the overall design. I commented to our design team this month that something I love about this experience is that we use the digital products in widely different ways, but they all work for our styles and the albums we’re creating. It feels like a creative gift when I see what we’re making each month. Thanks Theresa, Ashley and Meg for bringing us together to collaborate!